Last night I cried buckets for the 130,000 children deported from ‘poor’ uk families, mainly to Australia but also to Canada, NZ and South Africa.  They were literally “stolen” from their parents who were told they’d been adopted into a ‘good’ family.  The children were told their parents were dead and they could go abroad to where the sun shone every day, they could ride a horse to school and pick oranges along the way … all lies.

There were put into slavery and often sexually abused. The British Social Worker who uncovered it was abused and harassed for her efforts. Yet the perpetrators, like all perps denied any wrongdoing.  That they only did what was best for the children and it would cause no harm!

“they” were the british government and churches …. the average age was 8 years old.

This video is free from SBS on demand for Australians, not sure overseas can access it.  It’s under “movies”, under “drama” …

It revealed the ongoing Christian Brothers sexual abuse of many young boys .. now proven as those not deceased are still serving long goal sentences.

The bulk of these deportations were in the 1950-60′ and some thirty years later those ‘children’ found their families still alive and left wondering about them.

Warning unless you have a heart of stone then you will need a very big box of tissues handy, because the impact of child abuse is devastating on the victims … I should know, I worked with it!

if you need some light relief afterwards I highly recommend “Unusual Animal Friends”, it will melt your heart!