Mary you were widowed a few years
that both you and Charles, or was it Charlie
probably had a long term marriage
from an era when divorce was not an option

guess you saw some hard times
had family maybe did well
as your delicately carved headstone
indicates love and prosperity

you are buried together
commanding grand ocean views
did your home have an outlook
or did you face onto suburbia

are your children nearby
or do they live abroad
wonder if you were a CWA lady
or maybe played cards or tennis

guessing Charlie was the earner
and you a stay at home mum
the suppositions and stories
ignite as I wander past headstones

once busy vibrant lives
now resting peacefully
together with those loved
and many more unknown …

d’Verse, back to life, Laura


  1. We look and wonder at the lives that have passed before us – what is their story? Will our graves and names conjure visions of lives well lived? A cemetery can be a place of ghosts but for the writer they are full of prompts for the imagination!

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      • After I wrote to you, I asked my husband about cremating me and he had forgotten… Ha, ha, I guess it doesn’t really matter! He has now decided that he wants to be cremated because there is no one to visit the grave. Humor is essential to any marriage, especially during a Pandemic. 😁 K x

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  2. Lovely poem! It is always interesting to muse about the lives of people who have gone on before us…so many stories to think about. The world changes, but people do not change so very much; perhaps, that is why we wonder about them. Perhaps, it reminds us that we must live our own stories well; we must be our very best selves, and attempt to make this world a better place.

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  3. Somehow I can’t get over “also MARY wife” like an afterthought . But maybe I’m reading too much (or little) into it.

    You’ve done a nice job with the poem. BTW, what is CWA lady?

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  4. Poignant, Kate. Particularly so as you animated Charles’s and Mary’s lives, more than a century onward, with the discussion. Could they have known people still would be talking about them in 2020, and in a format (the blogosphere) they scarcely could dream?

    May our own times here gain similar immortality, and that someday, say,, 2170 maybe, people will wonder about us, and in a forum as unimaginable to us as the internet would’ve been to Charles and Mary.

    In fact, think about Charles’s and Mary’s mothers, having just given birth in the 1830s, and being told people will still be talking about their babies nearly two hundred years hence, and in a forum that links, in an instant, Australia, the US, the UK…

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  5. Wonderful poem/story, Kate! So creative and heart-touching!
    I always have wondering times while reading headstones.
    Can’t remember if I’ve told you…I’ve even been known to talk to those RestingInPeace and letting them know someone is acknowledging them and their life lived. 🙂

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    • yes you have mentioned it as I do a few about death … trying to normalise it 🙂

      But love the idea that you do so, I walk about doing silent prayers but do feel that they all hear me 🙂

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