mother nature

mother nature wept
as her green growth shrunk
our forests wantonly harvested
our birds flee in sheer panic

dark clouds fill the sky
as indiscretions she does spy
wondering just why
we clog her arteries, she may die

she sent a pandemic
to our utter dismay
to keep us at bay
so she could rest

she needed a break
from our mindless
slaughter, then stirred
up even more unrest

for when we disrespect
our land and our people
consequences surely follow
we consume hate and waste

with far too much haste
lessen our carbon footprint
respect and love all people
let green stuff grow

so offspring might know
a healthier life
with far less strife
What are You doing about it?

speak to me


  1. Wonderfully written Kate.
    I was just saying to Doug today that being out in nature surely helps our immune system whilst at the same time helping to ease the burden on the earth. Less cars, pollution, more conscious choices being made about what we’re consuming. I prefer to look at the positives through all this. We can all do a tiny bit can’t we? Hope you’re well. 🙏

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    • for sure Miriam, the healthier and happier we are the more resilient our immune system! And we can all contribute in some way 🙂

      We usually know the behaviours/habits that need changing to contribute to saving our planet 🙂

      How are you, you haven’t posted for a while?

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      • I’m really well thanks. And yes, I know I haven’t. Time seems to have flown by. I’m enjoying a few personal writing projects, my garden and camping last weekend with a few high dramas. And another walk with my sister yesterday. This is the longest I’ve been away from my blog but it’s not been intentional. Just not been in the space but I’ll get back there soon I hope. 😊

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  2. I’m late to the party as usual. This is a poem that pokes the conscience and goads to action! I wonder that all things are so interconnected. The saying that no man is an island is very true – what happens to one causes ripples of repecussion…

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    • absolutely and they probably are not directly related but I’ve no doubt it’s a domino effect .. I’m doing my utmost with a carbon footprint of 0.7 and just pray others make more personal effort … if we wait for govt and industry we’ll all be dead ..


  3. One would have thought that ‘nature’ as with other animals would … keep certain limits on populations in less disastrous applications. I refuse to believe that cruel diseases are naturally created to ‘cull’ people. Throughout human history there have been other plagues, other weather disasters. I do not believe that the natural diversity and prejudice of people through war bodes well for calling humans intelligent beings either.

    How can we help each other presently. Use our gift of compassion. And think about how different things get used. I just watched a home building show where a couple from California admired the revitalization efforts of one town in middle America and came in to buy up a property to ‘fix up’ as a rent to own home for a first time home buyer. Several months after the projects completion a tornado ravaged a good swath of the town including that particular home. The home was rebuild – Partly by the original couple, the renovation team, but also by the community coming together.

    May we continue to recognize that what we have presently is a gift and without shame regift ourselves for good.

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  4. True, deep, profound. We can improve but it might take two generation for the change to be visible. I would love that too happen. But it has to start now and each human being has to be on board today. And well … I… struggle to see that

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  5. Great thoughts Kate, among all these pictures is also big big picture. I think I’ve used less fuel during lockdown than I would in a normal month… I hope mother nature can breathe.
    I hope you’re good 🙂

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  6. In our cities, the air was cleaner, less cars, less pollution. Now everything is back to normal and we will choke again, and the forests will be cut down. We don’t respect mother nature.

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