We connected in tumultuous times of pandemic and protests each relieved to express our pent up rage. Chatting for hours on end, devices kept it safe. It was refreshing to have that level of intimacy. Knowing that we lived in the same city but staying physically remote added a new dimension to our usual tendency of rapid hook ups.

Found we had much in common just very different ways to express it. He was a regular at protests, I usually vented on my blog keeping it mostly on line. These protests gave us the chance to vent what was burning inside.

Gradually as restrictions were being lifted there was the tantalizing thought of taking this relationship to the next step. When he share his preference to keep it distant, that we go in different directions down the imperturbable street.

Felt right and kinda neat!

d’Verse, 144 words prose, Merril, to include the line “We go in different directions down the imperturbable street.”


  1. I really enjoyed this! So very appropriate for these crazy times and I cannot help but wonder just how many such “relationships” have formed at this time, only to end up like these two…

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