speak to me …

What does this picture say to you?

It says so much to me, I see this as true art 
a profound statement
on the state of our world in one masterpiece.

it’s from Pinterest found on another blog I had to share it … 

Please make your own post and link it back here
take a week if you will as we are all busy!



  1. Powerful image! I see a floodgate of tears releasing a multitude of prayers for the earth and her people. On the wings of angels, the prayers are carried to heaven. Broken branches are symbolic of our own brokenness; yet, every prayer is heard on the rush of angel wings; the prayers are answered, one by one, not a tear forgotten.

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  2. Without over-thinking the whole thing, the picture screams our destruction of the world around us. The blackened trees; the rage filled sky; the black birds; the tears.

    I’m going to try and post something and link it back either later today ot tomorrow morning(out here in the colony).

    Great pic Kate and an equally “challenging challenge.”

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  3. I have green eyes and the eyes in the image look like they’re reflecting a wondrous green space with a figure in the foreground, the eyes make me think that there is a better world beyond our pain and tears. No wonder you shared it, it’s stunningly beautiful!

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    • it really spoke to me and your version speaks volumes too, thanks for sharing your reaction … coz it does provoke a heartfelt reaction!

      Can’t be wishy washy about this lady 🙂

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