three are common memorials, graves and honour lists;

the trees divide the local farmers gravestones
erected next to the traditional Men’s business circle
of our First Nation People;

the child is a memorial to all those children abused
by state and church ..

Friday Fun – memorials


  1. I was in multiple cemeteries yesterday – some very old tombs and saw some elaborate monuments – the sad ones were from 1900 where there must have been some illness that took multiple family members within days of each other.

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    • ouch yes they are the sad ones … or I really feel when we hear x number of family members died in a car accident but one survived … how do they live with that loss …


  2. Shakespeare, in on of his sonnets said “Death once dead there is no more dying then”. But I say, ‘how wrong’. There is so much more to the loved ones. I am sorry but I can’t put into words. There arw just too many emotions

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    • yes Moushmi those remaining feel the loss far deeper … the dead have moved onto whatever we believe waits for them and the living have to reclaim their life with the absence of that loved one.
      A far harder challenge, take care πŸ™‚

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  3. These kinds of memorials bring comfort to the loved ones who are grieving and then capture the hearts and emotions of people for generations afterwards.
    I’ve walked through many an old cemetery and spend time reading memorials, meditating, letting those people know that they are not forgotten, etc.
    Yes, I know I’m weird…I’ve often read names of people who’ve passed…who I never knew…and I talk to them to let them know their life mattered and someone still cares.
    (((HUGS))) πŸ™‚

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