each full moon
the moonbeams sing me myths
of ethereal fairies and unicorns
of dragons and dancing daises

moon shafts weave exotic tales
loaded with magical mystique
my mind is intrigued and satisfied
as it skips and laughs with glee

if all could enjoy such fairy tales
how much happier we would be
to escape momentarily from life
a breathing space from all our strife

or saturate myself in nature
for it replenishes my energy
avoid those who drain
they are not worth the strain

weave my own tales
tall and full of fun
for imagination
is where it all begun

it’s a cheap healthy escape
from the drama of life
from fake or tragic news
it revitalises my soul

makes me feel alright, whole
so plan a mental vacation
ride those moonbeams high
let your imagination fly!



  1. Lovely poem and it’s not a cheap escape but all this need creative imagination. It gives us space and keeps us sane even after what we hear or see everyday in reality.
    Keep writing and sharing magical poems, Kate.

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  2. Evocative, Kate; your verse charges everything with a tingle.

    Sunlight brings certainty, hope and reassurance, while moonlight is more fleeting and ethereal. Here we’re in the realm of possibility, intrigue and dreams.

    Which is better? While I love the sunlight and celebrate its influence, moonlight forms my dreams.

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  3. “if all could enjoy such fairy tales
    how much happier we would be”……… very true………..believe in the unseen! believe in the magic……….believe in the mystical!

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  4. There is something magical about the transports you to a different level of imagination where all dreams and fairy tales come true..

    And yes Kate you said it would be a wonderful moment of escape..❀❀❀

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  5. Oh, Kate! You ignite my imagination and my emotions!!!
    Your poem makes me feel like I am floating on the clouds and giggling with The Man in the Moon! He and I decided we will jump out and say “Boo!” to the sun as it rises! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€
    Yes, our imaginations, and nature, are good ways to escape for awhile.

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