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I strongly recommend Bella’s very clear and simple instructions for the many of us struggling with this change!


Thoughtsnlifeblog – YouTube Channel I created a YOUTUBE Channel, so that I could record a longer video on How to use the Block Editor. It is my intention with the Youtube channel to create more How to Videos on the Block Editor, on Pinterest and anything else. Do comment below on what you would […]

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  1. Frankly I might keep this post for reference. But the New Block editor hasn’t changed how I do things since I work out of the WP Dashboard where nothing has changed (and hopefully won’t). At least for me. I work in my own docs and copy and paste and don’t have any issues. But then I don’t bother with half the stuff one can do either. I’m simple that way… And I don’t plan on changing how I do things in the near future either.

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      • One change I believe WP took away was the ability to sign in/comment from different open blogs by the same person. Which is one of the reasons my own current icon doesn’t go to my current open site. And frankly – if that keeps away the ‘trolls’ of which I’ve had some issues with in the past I don’t mind explaining to ‘real’ folks how to get to me, if they are interested. While the spam filter does a good job I can tell you that I have had way less issues with spam since I made one of my ‘old’ sites my primary. Even though I changed the name so that the address is different.

        It isn’t that I am afraid or against change, but I’m not technically inclined. And just recently a big name computer company did an update (knew there was a problem told their own techs to avoid it) but didn’t warn the public. Many folks had their own computers – instead of being updated the computers were basically whipped clean! And it has been a horrendous mess for some to reinstall all the things they needed for actual work. Some things can’t be replaced though the good IT department was able to salvage much curtailing some of the damage.

        I found a way that works for my needs and am sticking to it 😀 But I do appreciate those who can help those of us who are less technically inclined. ~ Thank you.

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  2. Oh Thank you so much for your kind words. Sorry to take so long to notice.

    Our darling niece is in hospital ( no she doesn’t have the virus). But some tummy issue. She is only 20 years old. She had an tummy ulcer in jan 2020 and got better. But, now we don’t know what she has. Worst is , she is there alone, her parents can’t even go and be with her, and speak to the doctors. She can’t eat, feels sick… and we can’t do anything.

    So I have been a bit preoccupied – missed this post.

    Thanks for sharing and I hope those who are new to the block editor find it helpful.

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