cloudy #rhyme

love to watch the clouds scud high
some heavy grey ones lumber by
others fluffy white skip and sigh

they all add intrigue to our sky
changing shape as they vie
for attention when they’re nigh

they float they skim oh me oh my
marveling as I wonder why
will I float as far when I die

a never ending show as they try
to dance entrancingly on the fly
such glorious wonder I could not buy


  1. So lovely! 💖 How you are doing?

    Just a heads up my blog is currently down…it could take as long as 3 days to be fixed. I made a big mistake trying to make some changes and now it’ll take time for the blog settings reset and process. In the meantime I’m working on a beautiful mermaid I hope to finish soon. The sketch so far is lovely.😊❤️


  2. Well-crafted words for one of Nature’s well-crafted benefits, Kate. How appropriate.

    Clouds provide so much to see, creating constantly-unfolding wonder as they reflect, hide and reveal. The heart leaps. For a few blissful moments, who cares what’s going on down here?

    That’s provided, of course, clouds and sky give each other room. When the day is entirely overcast, nothing above but dull, monotonous gray, the heart sinks. “Whoops, looks like God forgot to flick on the sky this morning on His way downstairs to get coffee.”

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  3. I love clouds!! They’re so beautiful and awesome. I’ve way too many pictures of clouds. Not to post for I’ve still 2 photo posts waiting to be written…

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