rain can be elusive in the outback
thunderstorms roll in from the ocean
love the drama of the thunder cracks
and light flashes yet they often pass over

not sharing their load
feel miffed to be left dry
wondering oh why …
but when eventually

those drops do fall
they wash all clean
the air smells fresh
all looks more green

but we need a lot
to absorb the dust
as some evaporates
mid air, so unfair

so when we get a downpour
many will dance with joy
letting it refresh our soul
knowing that animals

land and nature needs it
shame it doesn’t come
more frequently but then
it might not be so appreciated

d’Verse, rain, Sarah
I loved the monsoons in northern India, maybe this is why ..


  1. The rainbow touches down, Kate, sending bursts of color throughout the land. From parched to lush in one storm.

    The gray clouds are such because they spent all their color creating rainbows, which foretell life and vitality. What a magnificently selfless gesture.

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  2. I think you probably appreciate the rain more than we do – what’s seldom is wonderful, as my mother-in-law used to say. It’s true, though, everything feels so clean after that first downpour. Not too much rain, though.

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  3. It must be so frustrating, Kate, watching those thunderstorms roll in, getting all the excitement of the thunder and lightning, but no rain! The relief is palpable in the cheerful lines:
    ‘those drops do fall
    they wash all clean
    the air smells fresh
    all looks more green’
    and the joyous dancing. But you’re so right, you can get too much of a good thing. Rain is forecast here today, but no sign of it so far, just some clouds, which could pass us by with the breeze.

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    • lol we are used to the show with no results Kim … the ants tell us when rain is actually coming.

      No idea why we employ weather people when they are inaccurate about 90% of the time! Any other job you’d get sacked 😉

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  4. Ahh! So you love parathas!! Oh Kate, such an evocative verse and I wish you could have come here during monsoons! Parathas, pakoras and chai on the list, ma’am! ❤️🙂

    Btw, lovely pic of the rainbow! 😍

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  5. Great poem, Kate!
    I love rain! And I only believe it’s coming when I actually see it and feel it. Ha. Been disappointed too many times by weather-predictors. And I don’t like the thunder-lightening show as much if the rain doesn’t follow. 🙂
    I hope you all get some good-rains (not destructive-rains)! 🙂 And then let nature, animals, and human-beans rejoice and dance! 😉
    Your rainbow photos is marvelous! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  6. That photo of the raindbow is so beautiful and mesmerizing kate…

    Its been raining so hard here for the past days and weeks actually.

    The anticipation for the actual rain is so evident in your poem…i wish there will be more rain in there than thunderstorms..

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  7. Wow what a beautiful rainbow, Kate and such a fun loving poem on the Rains. Yes here in India there are many places where it rains a lot and this climate is so lovely, the birds the flowers and everything gets so much joy and happiness. Even we after almost four months of hot climate. Nice poem.

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