watching that sun slip
over the horizon
brings joy of each new day

amidst this turmoil
let all hearts sing as one
that solutions are found

for love joy and justice
are basic human rights
may the sun shine on us all

love resounds!

d’Verse, slip x 44 words, Linda


  1. Such a touching poem and that photo makes it all the more beautiful!! So true – there’s a reason why when the day ends the time says 00:00, going back to zero, because its allowing for renewal and resetting for the next day 😊😊

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  2. Wondrous, Kae. No matter whether in brevity or at length, you always mange to invoke just the right combination of words.

    Indeed, the sun is good cheer’s champion. It creates life, sure, but also the optimism that sustains life. Every day, a fresh start, a new beginning. As always, things will look better in the morning. Thank you, Sun!

    Also, how appropriate is it, Kate, that you chose the sunflower as your avatar?

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    • sunrise Mich, our sun rises over the ocean and sets over the hills 🙂

      Am back in my tiny home now but considering returning to the family home for a couple of weeks now we can travel 🙂

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  3. A beautiful and welcome antidote to the turmoil, Kate! I missed the sun slipping over the horizon this morning, very unusual for me, but I had a sleeping cat on my chest and didn’t want to disturb her.

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