many indulge their dark side
I prefer light and bright
few are all black or white

tending to melt with softness
for those loved and close
or others similar to us

yet harden our heart
to the unknown, those set apart
too tight to give them a start

staying tender loving and open
brings growth and real purpose
don’t let bigotry even surface

it is grounded in arrogance
fear and insecurity
has no base for humanity

gentleness enables learning
helps for wiser discerning
halts harmful yearning

so rather than harden
I choose to be tender
warmly embracing all


  1. Why yes, Kate, a worthy reminder. Amidst so many restrictions, so much angst, controversy and sharp-edged worry, we all would benefit from a satiny softness. We don’t just exist, but we live. Gentleness pillows the rigid frame.

    Balance makes all things possible. Thus, some structure – call it “firmness” if you will – helps us withstand the storm. It also keeps us upright and growing toward the sun.

    Yet, as you observe, without a beneficial softness and flexibility we become brittle and snap, And that doesn’t do anyone any good.

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  2. Lovely thoughts. It amazes me how adaptable we appear to be. Everyday some new challenge causes us to stretch and grow. Hard hearts will restrict our progress. Open minds and kindness are crucial right now. Thanks Kate.

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  3. “I choose to be tender
    warmly embracing all”
    … i love this…its just disappointing some chose differently. But with your thoughts, our thoughts, i hope others will follow too.
    Yes to gentleness Kate.😊

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