Mondrian Ekphrastic

obviously white is the dominant colour
both background and the centre stage
it dominates this snapshot of our world

the blue red and yellow must conform
to rules and rigid patterns for survival
tightly contained within specified boxes

a few elites are allowed to step out
those token few chosen to perpetuate
the myth that all have equal opportunity

delineation of apartheid can be subtle
but also overt to keep these colours
down trodden by our sheer arrogance

coloured ones must always conform
or languish in prisons and psych units
a ‘safe’ dumping ground to cleanse

our outrageous sensibility
where humanity slithered
unnoticed, out of sight
we’d rather not know
of their sad and
bewildered plight …

d’Verse, OLN,Grace – my second interpretation of this artwork after much thought … dedicated to Irma and all those experiencing a backlash to our current situation

Mondrian art



  1. I liked your previous interprstation but this is just wow! In the sense that you have so beautifully put in a verse that resonates at the deeper level. How can one shut eyes to what is happening around! Prejudices continue everywhere.

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  2. Interesting and thought-provoking interruption, Kate. The current situation has disrupted the whole world and now Italy after so many have died has come out to say that there is no Corona but a fever that coagulates our blood and creates thrombosis and not to worry at all. This is only the big heads who want to create fear in all of us and create mass murders everywhere. Here in India too again lock down till June 15, 2020.


  3. Great interpretation of the painting, Kate! Timely, important poem!
    So sad that this STILL goes on.
    I have a niece born in Korea. A nephew born in the USA, but his parents, and older siblings were born in China. And some Asian friends. So far they have all been safe from abuse during the past few months, but they have friends…for example, one in Canada…who has had hateful things said to him. 😦
    And I have two WP friends who have had abusive things said to them and to family members. 😦

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    • there is just no need Carolyn and it upsets me that human beans behave so poorly … mind you our leaders are setting very poor standards … we need to lift our game and embrace diversity!

      These current riots need to happen … riots are needed when conversation about sensitive issues are ignored!

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  4. I’m not surprised that the image has provoked so many interpretations, Kate, and this one is, as Lisa said, a wise and scathing social commentary. When I read what the so-called POTUS says, and all the other comments, I cringe. I have nephews and nieces who are half-Chinese half-Irish, living in France. I haven’t heard about any abuse in France, where there is a large Chinese population, but it can happen anywhere. I also agree with Glenn, that it’s a cry out against all forms of racism, so clear in ‘obviously white is the dominant colour’ and the lines:
    ‘the blue red and yellow must conform
    to rules and rigid patterns for survival
    tightly contained within specified boxes’.
    Equal opportunity is indeed a myth, we have to make our own opportunities where and when we can. When was it, I wondered, that ‘humanity slithered unnoticed, out of sight’?

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  5. An interesting and challenging second shot at a poetic response.
    What I “read” was a cry out against all forms of racism, for every day Trump and followers provide us with more injustices

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    • sure is Glen and we here in oz are appalled at what is happening over there yet we are only marginally better!
      Many Asians worldwide are being targeted, blamed for spreading the virus … excuse me where do they get off!


  6. Wow, Kate! Thank you so so so very much for writing this and your dedication. My soul is uplifted with the resonance of your words. Yes, dear friend, this is definitely a snapshot of our world. Your interpretation is heartbreakingly beautiful in its accuracy and execution. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I am going to reblog this!

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