rooms come and go all too swiftly
when one leads a nomadic life
mostly shared rooms as a child
budget travel and then dorms

but the room within my mind is mine alone
the bars across the windows have been bent
as taming my mind became a major event
eternal chatter replays and busyness are spent

as the rooms multiply and expand
wandering at leisure feeling grand
life memories and others closely scanned
enables flexibility little planned

the physical rooms become less relevant
going with the flow lessens sentiment
living in the moment becomes prevalent
embracing diversity and change a precedent

d’Verse, rooms, Laura


  1. these lines resonated with me: “the bars across the windows have been bent as taming my mind became a major event”yeah, controlling impulses can sometime be very hard! and “as the rooms multiply and expand” I think as we become more experienced the rooms inside our mind multiply and expand. Beautiful piece Kate 🙂

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  2. So true! What a great poem, SweetKate! You’ve captured this perfectly!
    We remember rooms for awhile…but it’s the good memories we made, with good people, in those rooms that we remember forever. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂


  3. Lovely poem.
    And I love these last lines,
    “living in the moment becomes prevalent
    embracing diversity and change a precedent”

    Sharing is caring either a room or a thought. When you care and pray for others even in your thoughts.

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  4. There are so many lines of this poem that I liked! The one about taming our minds, especially! And it’s so true, nobody enters the abode of our minds and it continues to grow with memories.

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  5. One of my favorite poems – My mind to me a kingdom is – makes this very point. This pandemic has made many of us reconsider what we really need and want and weigh the cost and benefit. Just as you can be alone and not lonely so to you can be surrounded by people but utterly alone. It is perspective and the presence/absence of an inner life. I do think the poets are better equipped than some folks…

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  6. As usual in your poem a lot of reflection and reflection. Peace is a place on earth, but also a deeper philosophy, because peace can live in the mind. No war is also peace.

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  7. “(E)ternal chatter replays and busyness are spent.”

    You too, Kate? Artful expression of the unending dialogue that has accompanied me ever since I learned to speak! (Wonder what form it took before then, as it didn’t just spring from nowhere.)

    Yes, rooms are great, as they’re fun, giving us much to explore and even more to learn. Now, what’s behind this door? How mysterious, how thrilling!

    Best not get too hopelessly lost, though, lest the house burn while we think we’re safely stowed!

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  8. Wonderful poem Kate! We find peace and happiness from within; no space from the outside can contain the contented heart. This is why we are so thrilled when we see a little flower emerge in a cracked piece of sidewalk… the beauty is all we see. And so it is with the mind…seeds of good things bring the harvest of a good life. There are always the crevices of sad moments; we must cling to the flowers and help them bloom.

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