This is Broadway in Sydney, just up from Sydney University and down from the cinema complex and Central Station. The bright colours indicate the multicultural aspect of this inner city area.

Shops, offices, hostels, business, commuters, students, visitors, homeless all mingle within this large complex city melting pot. Usually there is a lot more traffic so guessing this represents early morning before it takes off. Bustling with people and traffic it is a congested yet exciting area to visit.

inner city hub

regimented in autumn

hand hewn by convicts

d’Verse, Piet, Kim– google image, see Mondrian post for the visual prompt called ‘broadway boogie woogie’


  1. Very cool that your “Broadway” was in Sydney. It worked very well for you. I spent 4 months in Sydney in 1977, doing a play at King’s Cross; brought back memories.

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  2. I love that there is a Broadway in Sydney, too! I lived near Tooting Broadway in London and worked not far from Fulham Broadway. I love that you see the multicultural aspect of the inner city in the bright colours and that you’ve included a hint of history in your haiku.

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  3. The world is now a great big convict cell. The last line of your poem is profound and dymamic. Luv the layers in your images

    Stay safe


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  4. There is so much in the world that when you look closely, it is build by the hands of those not there out of choice. The history of penal colonies is fascinating and horrific. Not just because of the conditions that people were forced into, but some of the reasons people were convicted to transportation as well. I do feel like the emphasis on Australia’s penal colonies is a little unfair in the some of the history books however. Criminals were also transported to the Americas, but the discussion around that is not as prominent.
    There is a wonderful strength in your haiku.

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    • yes Carol, they could be transported for much as stealing a loaf of bread to feed their starving family … it was shocking. But worse is the genocide and atrocities they committed against the traditional landowners 😦

      thanks for adding your voice!


  5. Fantastic poem with final haiku.
    Broadway is also in Sydney, a city center full of people. We don’t have multiculturalism, but tensions between people are high.

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    • oh they are certainly very prevalent here also … those with have zero tolerance for those without! Especially homeless and traditional landowners are treated very poorly 🙂

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