When I spotted the whale spout the other day a fellow walker cried foul. She knew the whaling season didn’t start until June 1st so she was sure that my sighting could not be accurate.

Got me to wondering if anyone had informed the whales of this timetable, did they carry a calendar or digital device to ensure they didn’t break with protocol?

Reminded me that whales are super intelligent and I realised that the whale I spotted did know it was a week early! In fact I’m sure she had knowingly set off earlier in order to avoid the tourist crush. Smart whale!

Many years ago when I had the wealth I used to go whale watching at least once and sometimes twice a year. These majestic monsters are elegant, fun loving and curious. The smaller the boat the more likely the whales would be to come closer to check us out. Meaning that they would actually surface just under the vessel.

For those not acquainted with whales their body mass could easily have tossed the vessel about or their powerful tail could have slammed into it. But they were gentle and curious. Fiercely protective of their young but keen to get close and check out those crazy human beans.

Facts from the net: More than 30,000 whales make their way along the NSW coast from May to November each year. Known as the Humpback Highway, humpback and southern right whales are the most commonly sighted, but you may also spot orcas, blue whales, minke whales and sperm whales.

I have seen both humpbacks and southern right whales up close and at my favourite cafe they have interrupted my lunch by frolicking right in front on the edge of the sea. Entertainment plus

FACTS and PHOTO are from the internet, this action is called a ‘breach’ and they do it often