tree frog #rhyme

wondering about my blog
decided to post this cute frog
would be more natural on a log
but could be found by a dog
or snouted out by a hog

no I’m not on the grog
nor sunk in the bog
I’m just a mere cog
who is trying to flog
nature without smog!


  1. A year or two ago when on vacation (holiday) with family – we went to the pool area – Dad had promised the little people a ‘midnight’ swim. We kept hearing a very loud croaking… and it all came from some very small green tree frogs!

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  2. Beautiful, Kate, both the snap and the poetry to accompany.

    Memories, he does jog.

    Recalls the tree frogs throughout my grandparents’ neighborhood in Florida. Of course, they’re tiny, about the size of your thumbnail, but the chorus they produce isn’t!

    (The tree frogs, not my grandparents.)

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