To celebrate the easing of restrictions one chap offered to lead a coastal walk with his wife, myself and another interesting lady. He was full of dreamtime stories and knew all the native flora and fauna in Bundjalung National Park.

Ah the freedom to be out and interacting … plus it’s much easier to social distance in the great outdoors … We watched dolphins surfing and spotted the first whale spout of the season!

Then to top it off on returning to the car park he lit a fire with two sticks, one a bow. It smoked then ignited quickly attracting the attention of one of our chopper rescue team who flies directly above me most days. More fascinating conversation flowed and resulted in the invitation of our walk leader to teach his rescue team more survival skills.

had a great coastal walk

with friends who could talk

each different as cheese to chalk

watched the circling hawk

which made the plovers squawk

d’Verse, tanka, Frank