when someone becomes your ‘special’ [SF] friend
and others seem more distant
with “SF” the sole bridge, that singular communicator

be wary of what they’ve said you said
to keep others at bay
making them so very ‘special’ in each and every way

I watch it all unfold
it’s plain nasty and ever so bold
elevates them to sole translator

they proceed to mould my story
hinged around their fame and glory
calculated to promote themselves

I shrug and let it be
thinking ‘their loss’
they didn’t bother to get to know me

isolating me is massive control
as they try to own my soul
I’ve been passive in this game

knowing it’s their shame
at a loss to rise above
their warped definition of love

it has dire consequences
it is a sin
for no one can win

yet SF knowingly manipulates relationships
for their own end
what message does this send

if you notice yourself doing this
please stop and think it through
what does this say about you?

why alienate others
and pretend friendship
when it’s really just your ego trip!

there is reason for alarm
as it causes drastic harm
deep breathes bring calm