snuffles #couplets

snuffle snuffle
toil and truffle

socially unacceptable
to sneeze wheeze or splutter

a challenge for me
with sinuses n stuffy nose

but knowing it’s unacceptable
makes me more susceptible

people give me the evil glare
as I snort it back with clumsy care

oh what to do with a stuffy nose
best I isolate and curl my toes



  1. Right?? I feel the same way with coughing. I get a dry throat a lot and it makes me want to cough, but I don’t DARE whenever I’m outside or at the store! An excellent poem to sum it all up haha.

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    • glad it resonate MB, one check out lady genuinely asked how I was. So I equally honestly shared my strong urge to cough right there and then at the top of the queue. She owned that she felt that way all day. That’s when I realised it’s a common urge … a bit like teens told not to do something we have to try it 🙂

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  2. True and no fun when that happens, but your poem expresses it in a fun way!
    Hey, maybe a sneeze or snuffle or snort will keep people away from us! 😉
    “A sneeze a day, keeps the people away!” 😉 😀
    It’s been a bad allergy season for me…since March. UGHS
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  3. Charming progression, Kate, all the way through to the end. Truly an allergic lament.

    Yes, I have a runny nose, and I do let the occasional cough escape, but it’s not the virus, folks! Just hay fever. Honest

    Pre-COVID, sneeze=”Bless you.”

    During COVID, sneeze=”You monster!”

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  4. Its been raining here and my sensitive nose is also on a look out…like you i am kinda allergic to just anything and it makea sneeze a lot..with the covid, indeed best to stay at home; rather than endure the “your a monster” look from people around when you sneeze .

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  5. so true at the moment, i get the worst hayfever during autumn (i’m in aus) especially when it’s windy and people give me the most horrible death stares if i sneeze!

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