when life weighs down like a ton of bricks
I closely check my bag of tricks
a quick fix seldom gets me out of the sticks
need more skills to give woes the flicks
creativity a wondrous healing solution
provides me the perfect mix

D’Verse, 44 words ‘fix’, De Jackson


  1. So, that’s what’s in Kate’s bag of tricks, all these great poems?

    Yes…but also a camera, glittering words from someone named Florence, a bird call, a couple pea plants…

    Well, I’ll be. How brilliant, how fun!

    ‘Zat you, Santa Claus?

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      • I didn’t want to assume…. 💕
        I love your pictures. I’m finally posting my pictures more 🙂 (opened an Instagram account. It’s for myself to have somewhere to post them…)

        Liked by 1 person

        • I don’t want to post them all here because my blogs anonymous. If I start a photo blog it’d be in my name and this would slip to the wayside (might not be a bad idea some day. I’m not sure what my blog now is about…).

          I’m touched you think so. I wouldn’t know how to do it… I just really like taking pictures. I decided yesterday that one day I really want a good camera other than my phone. To zoom up. And capture the really small close ups.

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