tolerance #ryhme

I’ve come to the conclusion
that I’ve never liked exclusion
contentment evolves from inclusion

by embracing diversity
it bolsters me for adversity
as exclusion breeds perversity

so even where there is little love
I gain strength from above
to give bias a determined shove

eradicate ignorance
toss out arrogance
for my own deliverance

we can make our world a better place
if we unite with genuine love and grace
no matter the appearance of our face

don’t cut and paste
it brings bile and distaste
so let’s make real haste

please let’s improve our world
don’t tolerate insults hurled
allow kindness to be unfurled

d’Verse, OLN, Mish


  1. “we can make our world a better place
    if we unite with genuine love and grace
    no matter the appearance of our face”

    This stanza is so beautiful. I agree so much, I hope more people get to read this, everyone deserves more positivity! 💜I also really like your use of rhyme, makes everything so much more memorable. it would’ve taken me so long to think of so many words that rhyme together, haha!

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  2. Kate, this is a wonderful poem for our times and we need your positive sharing to be reminded of including others is better and arrogance can be understood and tossed out. Let kindness prevail. Stay well and safe.

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  3. Nice, Kate. I keep typing that, but you keep earning it.

    As you know, those who don’t much like themselves have little room in their hearts for tolerating others. The opposite is true as well.

    Plus, the crimped mistake toleration for approval, or even for adulation. Sure, that’s true at times, but most of the time it isn’t.

    We just appreciate the richness variety brings. Absolutely, we need to be grounded in what works for us, but that gives us a home base, somewhere from which to start the day’s explorations. A place, too, to repair at night to savor the treasures we discovered today.

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    • oh gosh I do appreciate your comments Keith … such a wondrous weaving of thoughts and words, I really look forward to them!
      But “nice” really … you can do better than that 😉

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  4. Your positivity is like a sunny day! I know not everyone agrees – there are people who are only happy if everyone around them is miserable. They lack the capacity to understand that one person’s joy does not take away their joy – it is not a finite resource. Same is true for love and kindness!! Hope today is a good one for you…

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  5. Right on, Kate! Excellent! A poem every person in the world should read!

    By ourselves we can’t change the whole world, even when we so desperately want to…but we can change ourselves, we can be a good example to others, and we can make a positive impact on people through our words, actions, etc. 🙂

    Thank you for being such a great example AND for sharing wisdom with love!

    (((HUGS))) 🙂 ❤

    PS… I was just talking with a friend about Dehumanization. A heavy-duty topic. And, sadly, it is still going on in our world today. 😦

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  6. I get a lot when I’m on your blog. You teach how to live, what a man should be like. Your poem about tolerance should be in books for young people. Let them learn that there is diversity in the world.
    Best regards, 5 degrees and dark clouds in the sky

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  7. Like Norah i am also always amazed by your verses that bears profound and deep meaning. Its something i cant really write well…been struggling with themes like that but you just do it flawlessly..❤❤❤

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  8. I don’t know exactly what you meant by “cut and paste” here but a blogger ( whom I considered a friend) often cuts and pastes from here and there with a few of her own embellishments and passes it as original!
    When I pointed out, she deleted my comment.
    I couldn’t be kind to her so I blocked her. 😐

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    • wow I had no idea, I would never agree with that … one of my readers posted a very well known poem as his own. When I called him out on it my comment and follow got deleted.

      I have zero tolerance for thieves … hey did I just write this poem and then share my intolerance …

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  9. I’m always amazed at how you can produce these deeply meaningful verses so regularly.
    This is the most important verse to me:
    “we can make our world a better place
    if we unite with genuine love and grace
    no matter the appearance of our face”
    Well done.

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