Friday Fun – crowds

social distancing is a current hot topic,
so crowds and closeness need to be re-examined

restrictions were relaxed in my state today
whilst shopping I found that ozzies really don’t get it …

One lady crowded my personal space and when I stepped back
she tried to take my place in the check out queue …
on being questioned she said “but you stepped back”
I said because you were on top of me …

so please share a photo or creative writing about crowds!
post it on your blog and link it back here
… we always get a broad variety

PS that was the Railway Lodge last week, so gold star to Punam
… now maybe she will share how she knew?

my pic of pelicans and seagulls crowding out the fishermen!


  1. Thank you, dearest Kate, for the gold star!!
    Now to let the proverbial cat out of the bag…
    But first promise you won’t take away the star!!
    ….okay here it goes… you had mentioned in your reply to my comment on the post ‘a shroud’ that you has stayed somewhere on your way home.
    You are quick to delete your responses to our comments but you had mentioned the railway lodge!! 😂😂
    So, I get the gold star for good memory. 😇

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  2. Railway Lodge?! Where were the tracks and trains! 😉 😀 HA! Well, it’s a beautiful place!

    UGHS on the people who don’t understand social distancing. 😦 :-/

    Great photo! The pelicans are at attention and looking at the fishermen the way pets stare at their Human-Beans, when the Human-Beans have food! 😀

    HUGS for the UGHS!!!

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    • I took quite a few shots coz you can see I was standing amongst these large wild birds and they really didn’t even notice!

      I also pondered the name but much searching did uncover a small rail engine in a far corner of the yard … yet inside it was totally nautical 😉

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    • I’m really not sure ozzies would get it no matter the label … we’ve had only 98 deaths and a high recovery rate here so they feel immune or immortal … like that’s overseas attitude

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      • That is a fantastic outcome Kate for such a large country. We don’t hear Australia mentioned in our news here. We have approx 23k cases and a very sad 1.5k deaths now despite a pretty early lockdown. Weirdly the most vulnerable, in nursing homes, were not given priority or easy access to ppe gear either. A lot of clusters now in nursing homes and in meat factories. Starting to ease restrictions from Monday and then three weekly over 5 stages, if ‘r’ rate remains low…

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        • I thought everyone had heard about the huge cruise ship that originally brought it here! They account for most of those deaths ..

          We’ve since had clusters in a nursing home where a nurse continued to work while ill. Then clusters in Maccas and a meatworks … meatworks, wonder if it’s blood related.

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  3. The restrictions have eased but the Governor has stated that all must wear masks in public areas. Sadly many feel it is an infringement on their personal liberty and refuse to do it. Some idiots are so belligerent that they have assaulted people who mention that they need to wear a mask before entering a store… Too crazy. As for me, I wear my mask and avoid crowds. We are still keeping our distance and trying to stay safe.

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  4. Haha! You are polite to step back. I usually educate them by explaining 1 metre distance and point to the markings on the floor to remind them. So far, I have not had any rude persons telling me off just yet. Thank goodness. I smile my pearlies and tell them they better be 1 metre away as who knows, I might have Covid – you know, asymptomatic carrier perhaps? Nice don’t you think? I am naughty! LOL!

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  5. I think for the hope of getting back to the way things were folks are going to rush – and we’ll get a second wave of disaster…

    We are not yet in a relaxed stage – though some folks are quite upset (as they should be I guess for being closed or out of work…) – Some folks aren’t wearing masks (as they should (here) and others are just wearing them wrong.

    We are all going to have to work hard to reclaim what was… or at least the better parts of what was.

    As for crowds… just enjoying the crowds of birdies around the feeder.

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  6. My goal is to not give it to my grandma, as she is feeble. My other grandma, the one in the nursing home, won’t be over lockdown for probably another month or two since she is in the high risk category.

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  7. Restricrions have been eased back home too except for the capital and some big cities and when the restricrions were eased down it seemed though that people thought its time to party as they all have went out and celebrated by meeting up friends etc.
    Been readind and hearing news about some folks being held for alarm and scandal for assaulting police officers for reprimanding them of not wearing mask or violating social distancing. I dont know if they really understand the gravity of the pandemic or the possibility of a second wave.

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  8. Hello calmkate I love your topic for your blog today. I also Have Come As I have Nominated you for ” The BrainStorm Award”. I hope you might be able to take part in this one my friend.

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