Peace is my drug;
It stops the pain.
In safe reflecting rooms
Or in a lane,
Or in a park,
I will lie
And have some peace
And get high.
If it’s pure
And there’s a lot of it about
I overdose
And pass out
And dream of peace:
My favourite thing
When nobody wants me
And nothing’s happening.

by Michael Leunig

Have previously posted a few Leunig cartoons as I’ve been a fan for many years and his cartoons appear in quite a range of newspapers. But as I don’t purchase newspapers I’m left to search for his art when I find things wrapped in newspaper.

Recently our ABC ivew has published more interesting material to entertain us during lockdown such as ballet, orchestras and theatre. One fan faithfully followed Leunig about for five years hoping to make a film of his life. What he collected were ‘fragments’ or snapshots of this guys life and work.

Leunig’s poetry was a new discovery for me but his website shares a lot. It’s short and simple but awesomely profound!

Some take away points from those ‘fragments’

He had an epiphany when his teacher “allowed him to be himself”
“find where you belong and be true to your culture”
“her spirituality was lived, it wasn’t proclaimed”