As Ahmaud Arbery jogged along his usual neighbourhood just out to keep fit. He was accosted by two racist whites who chased him in their ute determined to cause mischief. They shot an unarmed man dead! Took months to arrest father and son as legal connections ensured their supremacy.

Games and hustles are played out, black men’s life not valued.
His shadow shouts on a nightmare scream
as justice continues to be an illusive dream!

When will we ever learn that every person’s life is precious, that there is no reasonable reason to gun a man down just because you have connections.

The father had arrested Abery when he was just a lad.
One would have to question if that cop was always bad!

Maya Angelou knew what it was all about no rights, no freedom and certainly no justice for those imported slaves!

d’Verse, 144 words prose,Bjorn, “his shadow shouts on a nightmare scream”




  1. Absolutely appalling..and that it happened in my state angers me beyond words. Too much hate for no reason. Everyone should be able to jog or run or ‘whatever’ without feeling threatened. I think that in the end, the father and son will get what’s coming to them. There is such an outcry well there should be.

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  2. This is too sad for me to say anything……. my heart strings are twisted awry….. and I’ve no tunes to play…… what’s changed …… this song was written 45 years ago….. maybe in these modern days, it’s even worse……. !!

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  3. It’s so sad, but also not surprising. I’m now mostly staying at home, but when I used to commute to work every day, I would pass by the mural for Sean Bell every. single. day. Yet another black life cut tragically short by police. 😦

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  4. It is a terrible state but a reality in the US that the government has “looked the other way” and the current administration has encouraged the gun lobby to become a law unto themselves. I’m sick of it. And I want there to be some sensible laws passed and ENFORCED.

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  5. So heartbreaking.
    Thank you for calling attention to this, Kate.
    I have relatives who are African American, and one relative who was born in Africa. I worry for their safety in many parts of the world. 😦

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  6. Who deceides what colour a human being should be, what colour a flower should be, what colour a fish should be. Racism is a most sad and senseless fact of life.

    Be safe


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  7. I repeat my comment of the previous entry, as it applies here as well to the pain and shame. “darkness of times that never seems to end” …. So painfully true. How is it we continue to spawn these creatures of hate who blot the hope and dreams of the majority of us for a world of peace and love? A pox on them and their faux superiority born in ignorance.

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  8. Kate – this gave me the chills in it’s accurate and heartfelt lament. That nightmare scream will continue for many of us who find justice an illusive dream. Thank you for continuing to raise awareness about this situation. We can’t forget and become complacent as injustice and racism continue to take hold of our world.

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    • Just now I told my husband about the incident and he was also shocked and plainly said these people should be rightly punished. Such type of mentality is not acceptable for any reasons.

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      • just read about another one in March where police raided a decorated emergency workers home supposedly searching for drugs … there were none but her and her partner were shot with 20 bullets, both African American!


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