As Ahmaud Arbery jogged along his usual neighbourhood just out to keep fit. He was accosted by two racist whites who chased him in their ute determined to cause mischief. They shot an unarmed man dead! Took months to arrest father and son as legal connections ensured their supremacy.

Games and hustles are played out, black men’s life not valued.
His shadow shouts on a nightmare scream
as justice continues to be an illusive dream!

When will we ever learn that every person’s life is precious, that there is no reasonable reason to gun a man down just because you have connections.

The father had arrested Abery when he was just a lad.
One would have to question if that cop was always bad!

Maya Angelou knew what it was all about no rights, no freedom and certainly no justice for those imported slaves!

d’Verse, 144 words prose,Bjorn, “his shadow shouts on a nightmare scream”