a shroud

the moon tonight is super large
and sublimely bright

it’s like being caressed by
a silver shimmery shroud

the silver lights the night
beaming brilliantly bright

this is a very final ending
heralding a new adventure

had a plan for the new
but that naturally blew

so I venture off to renew
my search for what’s true

awesome wonder grows
as love and light flows

d’Verse, 14 lines, Frank – added two lines to tie this in!
Travelling today so may be a while before I read can others … sorry


  1. The full moon is really bright here too. I got up early this mornjng and it was still hanging in the western sky. How fabulous to be heading off on an adventure right now. Good luck. 😀

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    • After eight hours of driving in huge traffic jams, yes everybody is out on the roads in NSW! Reminded me of Christmas holidays it was so busy …

      I couldn’t make it to my designated pit stop so have found a super quaint railway lodge … only other guests are an really delightful elderly couple!
      Life never ceases to amaze me 🙂

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  2. In the 50’s there was a song, BY THE LIGHT OF THE SILVERY MOON, which now scampers in my head. The evenings are chilly enough here that the air is clear of clouds and the moon is free to do its dazzle-dance.

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  3. While Glenn was reminded of ‘By the light of the silvery moon’ (a song my granddad used to sing to me), I am now humming ‘Moonshadow’ by Cat Stevens! I have been observing the moon through the branches of our very tall trees and it managed to penetrate even the leafiest branches! You’ve captured it wonderfully, Kate! I love the rhyming couplets that add an extra bit of magic.

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    • lol when Glenn said that I immediately thought of “Green Moon”, but the lyrics and tune to “silvery moon” are now on replay! But I do love Cats Ss song too 🙂

      you are always so kind and generous with your comments Kim and it comes from such a good heart, thanks!

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  4. There is something magical about the moon….and as soon as i saw your photo i felt the magic….it softens my thoughts..it eases my heart…thanks for this lovely photo kate and for the beautiful verses as well..

    Keep safe as you travel..😉

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  5. Sublime, Kate. Nature inspires, and you give it resonance, broadcasting the splendor far and wide.

    Late last week, we had a couple consecutive days of leaden skies. Then Friday. just before sunset, the clouds parted, revealing soon enough silvered lunar wonders.

    What always amazes me is that, no matter where we are, no matter what kind of day we’ve had, we all look up to the same moon each night.

    Your writing supplements that universality, and lets it sparkle, Kate!

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