standstill #couplets

things may seem at a standstill
lockdown may not thrill
none of us are over the moon
but that will all change soon

there wont be a recital
our resilience will be vital
to face what comes next
nobody has written that text

creative thinking is called for
ingenuity and flexibility the lore
for worthy employment and life
to keep us all from strife

if we all stand together
united we can weather
those storms that may cause
harm, let’s breath and pause

so don’t be a fool
let kindness rule
united we withstand
from sinking in the sand

for if we seek a target to blame
or single some out for shame
it’s detrimental to our health
we only cripple our self

find your new normal
no need to be formal
as we conquer this one
turn it around, make it fun!


  1. Now is the time to rethink your life. Revaluate the proceedings. You wrote so nicely: “Don’t be fools.” Together, you can do a lot of good: “Let goodness rule.” May man always be so wise and use his mind to make life better on earth. And healthier.
    Best wishes

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  2. Excellent, SweetKate!
    Change is constant in life…so we learn, grow, adapt, etc…yes, new normal. 🙂
    We should always lead with love, kindness, patience, understanding, respect… 🙂
    Your photo…OHMYGOSH and SIGH 🙂
    (((HUGS))) ❤

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  3. Oh my gosh I haven’t even read this yet but I have to tell you how awesome this picture is. I love it!!! I’m so so jealous of you seeing this beauty all the time. You’re blessed!!! Enjoy every moment of it….

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  4. We have to maintain a little bit of whimsy as that is what will take the edge off. Between the dire information (and misinformation) it is hard to keep a positive outlook and you are so right that a little humor and levity can keep us on track!!

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  5. First of all, that photo is gorgeous! And yes, I do think that the way to get through this is to be kind and hopeful, and I honestly believe that our new normal won’t be so bad after all. I also agree that trying to assign blame just makes things worse…honestly, the people I know who are having the hardest time coping with this are also the ones who are caught up in the “blame game” and trying so very hard to tell others what to think and do. That just doesn’t work, especially at times like these. Thanks for continuing to be a voice of calm and reason!

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  6. Your photo is so peaceful. Is that where you are staying now? I like the points you raise in your poem. Lets hope that normal we are returning to brings new, more holistic ways of living. I like the idea of having fun with it too. I have been thinking along similar lines.

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    • thanks Suzanne, it’s where I’ve been for lockdown … leave this weekend.
      Whatever comes next we are alive and breathing and that’s is what really matters 🙂


  7. The photo and your wonderful lines complement each other oh so well!
    Indeed we need to hold onto faith for a few more days, we have made it so far and we can make it till the end. 🙂

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