silly lilly #symploce

silliness is
as silliness does
silliness heals
silliness bans frowns
silliness is clowns
silliness is fun
silliness brings smiles
silliness hides fears
silliness is sunny
silliness clears gloom
silliness makes my heart soar
silliness alleviates the poor
silliness is a saviour
be silly today!

d’Verse, silly 44 words, Lillian


  1. You got it, Kate! You can’t be angry, upset, worried, etc., etc., while you’re laughing.

    Just try it…it’s impossible.

    A chuckle and a scowl walk into a bar, but only one walks out. Can you guess which one?

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  2. There’s a comic called Baby Blues by (Jerry Scott & Rick Kirkman) Today’s comic was a continuation of yesterday where the little boy Hammie had put peanut butter in one pocket of his pants and jelly in his other pocket …

    Mom asks: “Why did your put peanut butter in your pants pockets??”
    Hammie says; “In case I got hungry while I was playing outside.”
    (next panel)
    Mom says: “You could have just stopped playing and come inside to eat!”
    Hammie relpies; “Stop playing?? HA! HA! HA!”
    (next panel)
    Hammie continues; “You have a lot to learn when it comes to being a boy, Mom.”


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