Friday Fun – surveillance

most countries have used this pandemic as an excuse to increase surveillance

here people are downloading a tracking app, drones, police and planes
are photographing people to report and fine those not obeying
federal police have owned they’ve been using
facial recognition software for ages

Please share your version of “surveillance”
in photos or creative writing in a post
and link it here,
then read a few others to see how our world is changing!

picture is a drone hovering over the beach, seemingly photographing everyone …


  1. I feel cold when I read about inviligation. You can have it anywhere. Also on the phone, smart fridge, free gadgets from the company, or chips implanted in the skin to get to work, etc.

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  2. There are actually some laws here about use on private lands. Our Hazmat team uses drones to look things over before sending bodies into dangerous places.


    • oh I have no issue for those types of safety uses … very smart use!
      It’s the constant blatant surveillance of the general public that concerns me … and why does amazon want that data?

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      • Did you know that some clothing in the 1970’s and 1980’s I think had little trackers in their clothes. It went along with I think if you paid with a credit card. You’d get more ads about the next sales from those stores to your home.

        If you have a cell phone or a computer stuff is being tracked … Even if you turn the GPS off on your cell phone. My one son says they were able to find a missing person through their phone even with the GPS off and saved their life…

        As with any modernization we need to take the good with the bad. Amazon… I’m guessing just for the sales tracking data.

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  3. My view is a bit different Kate. I would really like to be doing something worth spying upon. But I’m not …

    I’m waving to spies
    Who don’t wave to me
    I’m guilty as hell
    But can anyone see?
    They’re flying above me
    Ever so near
    They’re tapping my phone
    But does anyone hear?
    I must pay for my crimes
    At the end of the day
    So put me in custody
    Put me away
    Lock me up tight
    Bury the key
    The community needs
    Some protection from me
    They have my address
    I’m not hard to find
    I have evil thoughts
    Aren’t they reading my mind?
    I’m not paying taxes
    I’ve had an affair
    I’m taking drugs naked
    Doesn’t anyone care?

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  4. Great to see someone speaking out about the tracking app. It’s amazing how many people have downloaded it. Maybe they think it’s a cure 😃 – you can get an app for just about anything now 😀😀😀😀

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  5. Eek. 😮 😦
    Guess some people would say it is good and others would say not-so good or bad.
    Reminds me of “Big Brother is watching you”…a phrase taken from George Orwell’s book Nineteen Eighty-Four. A friend of mine used to say, “If ‘Big Brother’ is watching…let’s keep him entertained.”
    I’d enjoy reading people’s take on surveillance.

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    • lol my summary on this post says just that “big brother is watching” … yes I’d like to hear also.

      Govt stated so many millions had to download tracking app before we were released from lockdown. Many did immediately … I don’t have apps, don’t get them. But now they are stating that AI have already been tracking people …

      Seems like they are telling us loud and clearly they are monitoring us all and if we don’t say NO, it’s like we’ve given them permission.

      Now I have nothing to hide but that doesn’t mean I am willing to be watched and tracked 24/7! Seems Privacy is no longer possible!

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  6. private surveillance is forbidden here, one needs to get a permit. news agencies etc have strict guidelines so won’t invade someone’s privacy. be good neighbours, not spies. be mindful and kind not nosy. practice goodness and goodness will come back to you.

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