sunny fun

sea sky sun often equal fun
three constants in my life
rich or poor free or strife
usually have sight of one

elements of water wind air and fire
if struggling they can anchor
if stagnant they are an escape
useful when life becomes dire

these three enhance my life
as they can create drama
or add colour to my drab
world when assaulted by strife

they can affect my mood
bring moments of insight
lift and lighten my attitude
help me avoid being rude

reflecting on photos I find
clouds provide movement
which enhance the scene
creating drama in my mind

clouds can clobber or fry
as calm or fury coast by
knowing how thoughts lie
they help me reflect or fly

in meditation I use clouds
as a metaphor for thoughts
allowing them to drift thru
not engaging in their energy

letting them float right by
brings calm and peace
to my busy monkey mind
takes less energy I find

lessens angst or craving
allowing more balance
for my life and my mood
meditation is my saving

do you use the sea sky or sun
to increase your sense of fun?

sunrise this morning! linked to d’Verse OLN, Kim


  1. I’m more of a trees, shade and creek kind of girl, but I like to visit the sea and sun! Your words bespeak your love for them. Well said.

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  2. Beautiful photo, lovely poem! I love all three. The salty sea air makes me feel like there are no boundaries. The sky is beautiful with all sorts of clouds and colours. And the sun warms up your skin and sheds light, making everything seem just a bit brighter. I’ll add wind to this list. I love a bit of wind to wake me up and make me feel alive!

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  3. That’s some sunrise, Kate! I’m envious as this morning was too overcast and bleak, but it has cheered up now. I like the way the elements play a part in the lines:
    ‘if struggling they can anchor
    if stagnant they are an escape’
    and I agree that sea, sky and sun ‘can create drama or add colour to a drab world – it happened this morning! As I read the line ‘clouds provide movement’, I’m looking at the most amazing cloudscape, low in the sky, with wisps breaking off in the wind and disappearing to the blue, so I understand why you use clouds in mediation.

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  4. Beautiful pictures and words, Kate!

    Sunrises always do the trick for me. In the few weeks each year Daylight Savings doesn’t push the dawn before or after my morning commute, I always take a few moments to wonder at the new day. It usually makes me a few minutes late (or, less early than I usually am), but little matter.

    It’s very zen, very haiku. Somehow, I feel oh-so-Japanese, and oh-so-refreshed.

    As luck has it, your poem has the exact same effect, Kate. How fortunate.

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  5. I do! I do! I do! 🙂 All 3!!! We find such peace, comfort, hope, joy, etc., in the sea, sky and sun! Any water bodies are wonderful to me…sea, lakes, rivers, ponds, etc! 🙂

    The other night on a late walk…the clouds seem to be racing through the sky! It was so cool! I got a bit dizzy watching them. 🙂

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  6. I love the three! They’re awesomeness….
    I’ve used the clouds one too, though I don’t usually analogolise thoughts.


    • it works for me as I often use that analogy to let your thoughts just drift thru like clouds … we seldom assign emotions to clouds but we frequently do that with thoughts!

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  7. I love the line of letting the clouds set an example of how we should allow our thoughts, especially the anxious ones, to float on by…… beautifully helpful. And the photo. just WOW! 🙂

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