I ‘discovered’ looking for a river spot
crossed an old wooden bridge
and POW a real pleasant surprise I got

had obviously intruded onto sacred land
drove about and nothing was bland
tall bright houses looked so grand

motivated connection with the Elders
as I was drawn like a magnet
to this community so salacious

attended their school 125 year anniversary
looked listened and learnt of their tradition
culture and connection is their way

CTI - 1 (1)

meaningful speeches, nice displays
people friendly but I was odd one out
given a rare insight into their might

wandered their quiet spiritual land
they so proud, their culture grand
a heavy meat diet that was bland

CTI - 1

Elders so wise, great storytellers
natural artistic ability duly noted
strong community, still too much injustice

if ever the opportunity arises
I’d strongly advise a visit
as sacred land opens your eyes and your heart!

d’Verse, Lillian, tour