Cabbage Tree Island

I ‘discovered’ looking for a river spot
crossed an old wooden bridge
and POW a real pleasant surprise I got

had obviously intruded onto sacred land
drove about and nothing was bland
tall bright houses looked so grand

motivated connection with the Elders
as I was drawn like a magnet
to this community so salacious

attended their school 125 year anniversary
looked listened and learnt of their tradition
culture and connection is their way

CTI - 1 (1)

meaningful speeches, nice displays
people friendly but I was odd one out
given a rare insight into their might

wandered their quiet spiritual land
they so proud, their culture grand
a heavy meat diet that was bland

CTI - 1

Elders so wise, great storytellers
natural artistic ability duly noted
strong community, still too much injustice

if ever the opportunity arises
I’d strongly advise a visit
as sacred land opens your eyes and your heart!

d’Verse, Lillian, tour


    • wow great find Jules, I know quite a few of them very well … but these are old photos of them, ah 6 years old it says … Digby is dead went to his huge funeral! Kathleen and Bunny are very close to my heart and Tanya is such a delightful creative leader. They are very special people.

      When I was fetching food for the Elders someone deleted all my earlier photos of the dancing and speeches. These are a few photos I took afterwards.

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  1. Cabbage Tree Island in Australia. Thank you so much for taking us there. We traveled several years ago in Australia and New Zealand and I so enjoyed learning about the indigenous people and their culture. It seems to me you happened there at a most opportune time to truly see a part of their communal experience. Love the illustrations. What a special visit you had!

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  2. Thank you for taking us to Cabbage Tree Island! The indigenous people of Australia have fascinating lore. I love their term “belonging place” and used it often when referring to my home. It has such a romantic air about it.

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  3. OH! How wonderful, SweetKate! Thank you for taking us with you via your poem and the photos! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    PS…I’ve been in spiritual and cultural gatherings where I was “odd one out” and they were so welcoming of me and friendly to me! 🙂

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  4. You may not travel as far as you once did, Kate, but sheer distance is only one aspect of trekking, and a rather superficial one at that.

    You still venture far and wide intellectually, still accumulating all sorts of experiences. Lucky for us, you’ve invited us along on the journey.

    Oh, my internal foodie wanted me to ask, what flavor was the cake?

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