master of trauma

The Bard, Bill Shakespeare, is very well known, we studied his plays in school. Creative words, social comment, a true artist. But what resonated deepest with me is his rendition of Lady Macbeth’s PTSD.

His is the first comprehensive articulation of the mental/emotional impact of trauma only more recently labelled. His description really nailed it so for those who need to understand it better I’d suggest a reread of Macbeth.

his meticulous
notation of people’s lives
like autumn colours

d’Verse, the Bard, Frank
a google image


  1. Wow kate my Literary heart gets excited by this…yes its true that Shakespeare was able to describe Lady Macbeth’s mental state so clearly even if during his time this (mental health issues) were not as popularly talked as today..Shakespeare was even admired by the academicians who studied literature for his profound description of Lady Macbeth’s overwhelming guilt, trouble sleeping, hperarousal, reliving traumatic moments and hallucinations. It was really very remarkable

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  2. Right on, Kate! And an excellent recommendation.
    I met Mr. Shakespeare when I was in my first year of high school…his characters, stories, the depth of emotions, vivid descriptions, etc., hooked me in. Still a big fan today.

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  3. I will reread Macbeth. Only read it in school days. Thank you for this reminder. I had been thinking of it long time ago.
    Shakespeare did touched a lot many souls. 🙂😊
    Thank you kindly 😊

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