get a grip #couplets

normality has been turned upside down
job and financial losses cause a frown

locked inside with energetic kids
usual sanity exploits on the skids

this too will pass with due diligence
as we each have the inner resilience

having no control can eat at our soul
take care, spoil yourself, weaken it’s toll

people are fragile fearing the unknown
we have the choice to smile or groan

this too will pass with due diligence
as we do have the inner resilience

don’t cave in, don’t let it harden
listen to music, dig in the garden

share your feelings, find an outlet
holding it all in will only upset

this too will pass with due diligence
as we have a wealth of inner resilience

get creative unleash your passion
write paint invent explore fashion

do whatever helps you chill
for stress can make you ill

this too will pass with due diligence
for YOU have the inner resilience

inspired by a commercial for pliers!
the view from that double seat out front


  1. Get a grip, indeed! We have people here freaking out because they want to return to work and are willing to risk getting sick and dying. Get a grip! Stay the course! Use your coping skills! It makes me wonder if some people care lacking this. This poem should be mailed to every household here in the US.

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  2. A lovely view indeed. I’d love to be able to walk that beach every day.
    Walking up to my creek is one thing… I love looking at the reflection of the sky and trees.

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  3. “this too will pass with due diligence
    for YOU have the inner resilience”

    I love that this verse is repeated in every gives me a more confident feeling that this too really will pass…

    And that photo is absolutely stunning. You captured the shades of nature in its finest.😊

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  4. HA! You never know where you will find your inspiration! 🙂 Way to go, SweetKate! 🙂
    And, yes, we must all get a grip!

    Wonderful poem! Wise words!

    When facing the next challenge, I will think of you and this poem AND I will “become the pliers”! 🙂
    PS…OOH…I hope you see a commercial on duct tape and get inspired! 😉

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  5. I’m loving your views…
    I’m assuming the chorus is what inspired it from, cool how random things inspire, rewire….
    It will pass with due diligence…
    Dare I say I’m loving the relaxation??? I know people can say it’s unhealthy to do nothing all day. I think it’s really good…
    Oh, my sis bought me something really cute! Shame not this one for this is cuter, – I love that she bought it for me!

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    • lol it cracked me up … I don’t normally have a tellie but here it has a remote control so I turn the sounds on commercials down but this one went on for minutes and the poem erupted!


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