WP bug

WordPress has a bug in their system affecting our comments!

It’s now been at least 72 hours and I made a formal complaint yesterday. They knew about it but have not managed to fix it yet.

I get email notification of comments on my posts. Got notified of 30 comments yesterday but only 6 showed in my usual reader on the right of my screen. Today most of the comments were there eg. only four missing. But I have to hunt down comments on my posts. No idea about your replies to my comments on your posts.

So just when we need free open communication some people are getting upset feeling they are being ignored. Please have patience, these comments will not be in your spam folder but can be found on the actual post or under “Comment” in your WP Admin.

And this morning they have swapped me over to their new “Block” editing system where I cannot bold or colour anything. Hoping I work this out …

Meanwhile have a good day, the sun is shining and the birds are singing ๐Ÿ™‚


    • oh sadly I’ve had a few too many but this happened at a time when people were feeling fragile … and then to feel ignored as well .. so glad they eventually resolved it ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Yes. And did you notice that the new version of WP doesn’t work with MS Edge? It partly works, but there are tools missing and the layout is very unstable. When I contacted them, they told me to switch to Google Chrome…


  2. I had raised a complaint because it does fill me with a sense of guilt to not reply, as though I were ignoring the comments. Thankfully it has been resolved. Phew.

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  3. Thanks for letting us know, Kate! I’ve noticed that I’ve had a big downturn in comments and likes in the past two days, and also that blogs I’ve read have had far fewer comments that usual. Now I know why! Hopefully, WordPress will fix it soon. Meanwhile, we’ll just hang in there.


  4. Ah, yes I had that for a few different days of comments that didn’t show up in my Notifications in the Dashboard. I had to go to my post to add reply comments.
    I don’t understand how changes that are made have to mess up the things that actually do work.

    I’m still working out of an older editing system (I refuse to switch)… I don’t like the extra line spaces they insist are needed. Seems my comments have returned today though. So thank you for your voice. I tried to look up the problem but I couldn’t get any traction and wondered what happened. I think the WP burp also stopped some follows – As I had a friend loose me, so I had to tell them again how to find my current blog.

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    • No no no we don’t see ads when we are blogging and know I only used to see two small squares that said ‘ads will be placed here’. So I thought the advertising was nominal.

      Then one day a friend wanted me to bookmark my blog on her computer … that’s when I couldn’t believe the number of blinking winking inappropriate ads all over my blog! We the bloggers never glimpse them but others outside WP are literally bombarded. Altho I’ve been living well below the poverty line for years I decided that if I wanted to blog then I’d have to pay to remove them …

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  5. I completely agree totally with your post, Kate and even I am noticing that my comments too are not going to the recipients. At this time when we all want to chat, WP has gone for a toss. So nicely worded, Kate.


  6. Yes, I’ve had problems, too. I’m not notified Yours must be more irritating of course since there’s more traffic there. I have the same problem with facebook too. Have a great day! Love from Turkey.


  7. Don’t know if it’s related, Kate, or whether it’s just a “me”-issue, but I’ve been unable to “Like” anything for a week now. Not here, not on any WP sites I frequent. Everything else loads, but the section where you can register acclaim is stuck on “Loading…”

    Maybe it’s a touch Obsessive-Compulsive, but praising without “Like”ing seems to be an incomplete sentiment. I like what you’re posting, Kate (and others), I really do. It’s just that these darn buttons don’t work!

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  8. We all are having this issue…
    You can change the editing in the settings somewhere. On the phone when you click new post there are then some settings you can choose from and you can click switch to classic editor. I know it will look different on a desktop but my laptop is broken:(

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    • just so long as people know it is happening and don’t take it personally Ivor!

      My regular readers know that I will reply and visit in return for a comment … just now that’s being made difficult ๐Ÿ™‚

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