Found me in the family home with a pantry and reasonable sized fridge. Fourteen hours south of where I normally live.  Guess I could have returned in that first week but then restrictions tightened and large fines loom.

So here I am surrounded by natures beauty with beach, birdlife and dolphins to amuse me. Twenty-eight kilometres from the supermarket where I pass several farms selling fresh eggs at their gate on route.

The major deviation from my normal routine is my usual voluntary work but this would not be possible even if I were at home.  So I am in a most conducive place to do my prayers, meditation, blogging and daily exercise.  With none of the usual tasks to do as I am not actually in my own tiny home.

Where were you the day the world stopped? 
How have you adapted?
Do you have any idea when the restrictions will be eased? 

I don’t have a clue …

Please share your story in a post and link it here …