the day the world stopped

Found me in the family home with a pantry and reasonable sized fridge. Fourteen hours south of where I normally live.  Guess I could have returned in that first week but then restrictions tightened and large fines loom.

So here I am surrounded by natures beauty with beach, birdlife and dolphins to amuse me. Twenty-eight kilometres from the supermarket where I pass several farms selling fresh eggs at their gate on route.

The major deviation from my normal routine is my usual voluntary work but this would not be possible even if I were at home.  So I am in a most conducive place to do my prayers, meditation, blogging and daily exercise.  With none of the usual tasks to do as I am not actually in my own tiny home.

Where were you the day the world stopped? 
How have you adapted?
Do you have any idea when the restrictions will be eased? 

I don’t have a clue …

Please share your story in a post and link it here …


  1. Stopped? Just changed. And the only constant is change. I was doing a supposed normal every other week Friday grocery shop… but the store was extra crowded as a school in the area had a teacher’s in-service day. Turns out all schools were delayed by two weeks that Monday, then shuttered for the rest of the year as with each passing week We have some kind of quota of active cases devised by our Governor about limited re-openings… but are far from it.

    Able to help our elders. Biggest change is having hubby home more than less 24/7. 😀


  2. Hi Kate, I’m not really sure when everything stopped. For me, it just ground slowly to a halt. We were still working in our library building when most people stopped going out. Just inventory etc, with no patrons allowed in. Then we had an earthquake and couldn’t come in for a couple of days until the building was checked. Then work again until the ominous warning at the end of the third day. – “When you leave tonight take everything you might need in case we shut down tomorrow”. And clang, the gate crashed behind us. It’s been almost a month now and I’m getting restless. Sometimes I feel like I’m too stressed to blog, but I’m not really doing anything. Go figure?

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  3. Saintvi and I made it back from our road trip to Arkansas the Saturday before everything went into lock down. It was pure luck that we didn’t get stranded in the South! Not much has changed except restricting grocery shopping and not getting together with friends – we still talk on the phone and text so we are in communication. At least I’ve got Sparky and we are having fun together – going for walks, watching movies, cooking and his least favorite thing – spring cleaning…

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    • no 15 hours south of home Gina, family home is up for sale … none of us can afford it now Mum’s dead. And having regular inspections so I’m finally in training to be a domestic goddess … drudgery!

      It will allow each of us a new start!

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  4. I didint have to adjust much being at home (where i am now, i take it as my home), or not going out for socialization and other stuff like that; as it is not my thing. The only thing that’s making me really difficult to adjust is to be away from my children. I have never been away from them this long and its making me really feel bad…


  5. My life is not so different … odd really. We’d only recently moved to Manhattan within the last few months and I was very much being the ‘home bird’, doing the cooking, cleaning blah blah blah … not very exciting particularly with having moved away from friends and family and work etc. And in truth, I was lonely and hadn’t been able to find any work. So imagine how I felt when I found out I’d have the company of my husband every day. Bliss!

    It’s funny you know, I had practically begged his HR team to do work for his office free of charge, just any menial tasks that needed doing …. anything at all, just to feel useful. Frankly cleaning loos wouldn’t have bothered me. And they like to encourage spouses to come and work for them, but I just didn’t have the skills for them. They didn’t want me. They didn’t understand how lonely it could be cooped up in an apartment all day, every day without anyone … people … family. Now however, they understand. And how they are complaining!! I’m sorry, I know it’s awful of me, but they simply couldn’t have given me the time of day a couple of months ago. Now however, I’ve found my feet. Life is good and I’ve found other ways to make money, learn and meet people. Phew! Sorry, had to get that off my chest! Katie 💕

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    • Nice to hear how it became a real positive for you … and opened others eyes as to how difficult a transition can be Katie. So glad you’ve turned the corner on this one 🙂

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  6. Right where I always am. . .in a one bedroom small apartment in a complex with only a parking lot and buildings which do not inspire. I envy your home, maybe we could trade one day?😉☺️

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  7. They slowly stopped more and more. Schools ended. Lockdown. Home. Lots of family time and just doing nothing much online. May go back to work for a couple hours a week, might not. The day the world stopped it taught us do much…

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  8. Hasn’t really stopped for me. I’m still working, though with major precautions. We now have 23 Covid positive patients, with 4 still in the hospital. Gloves, gowns, face shields, and N95 masks are my new normal currently.

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