I’ve shared photos and joys
of the birds and rabbits here

but to my absolute delight
a pod of dolphins just swam by

summersaulting and flipping about
gave them a wave and a shout

dolphins - 1 (1)

had plenty of childhood pets
snake, dog, tortoises, silkworms

left home at nineteen
to wander the world

tricky for nomads to keep pets
as I learnt animals enjoy freedom

to live in the wild
with family and nature

nature my constant companion
in all her wild and mild moods

disenchanted by ownership
I try to live by their example

living off grid in a tiny home
quenched my thirst to roam

d’Verse, companions, Linda


  1. This is nature in its finest kate and you are so lucky to have seen it first hand..i have seen dolphins only from themed parks..they say, they are more adorable when you see them out in the ocean.

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  2. Nature is such wonderful company! 🙂 Yes, a constant companion that we shouldn’t take for granted…and should work to preserve! 🙂
    Beautiful poem, SweetKate!
    Happy Earth Day! 🙂


  3. Splendid, Kate! A simple, yet enthralling, celebration of the happiness you’ve invited. Indeed, with the company gathered nearby, isolation becomes much less…lonely.

    I can attest to Nature’s gifts, at least to some small part of them, as I’ve taken to setting strips of yarn and dabs of cotton on the back porch, and watching as the birds stop by to gather the material for their nests.

    Excellent photos, too, of the dolphins! Is it just an optical illusion, or does the ocean floor drop off pretty steeply where you are? It looks as though the swimmers are only a couple dozen meters or so offshore, yet the water’s deep enough for them to frolic. Then again, I just may be lousy at estimating distances. There’s always that possibility.

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    • yes it’s a very steep drop to the waters edge, the property is the highest point in a 3 km beach. Brothers fenced it off to stop all the tourists!

      But those dolphins are only a couple of metres from the beach … they come close to check us out 🙂

      birds love my hair, I cut it regularly 🙂

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    • I’m not in that now Sherry … lockdown would be a real challenge with limited storage and a super tiny fridge … so very glad I landed here 🙂


      • I was lucky enough to see a whale very up close on a whale watching tour when I lived in New York. It came up right next to the boat. Incredible! I’ll never forget it. Also saw a shark in the water when we were at Myrtle Beach last year. Everyone said it was a baby, but it looked plenty big to me. 🙂

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