the most difficult hardships
the most toxic relationships
have taught me far more
than those who loved me kindly

adversity made me dig deeper
I became more sensitive
to others pain and intolerance
inner strength became my solace

without trials and tribulations
it’s easy to remain superficial
oblivious of our inner strength
hardship provokes real growth

had to learn more skilful ways
to cope with nasty torment
realised they were troubled souls
insecure jealous, needy to vent

for those who’ve looked within
have nurtured their soul/ spirit
connected with their kind charm
they have zero reason to harm

patience and tolerance grow
for I am the seeds I sow
anger and fear recede
no need to blunder and bleed

so take any hardship
as an invaluable lesson
sent to light your way
listen learn then play

here is a man who learnt to do just that!
His lesson was far more harsh than mine …
this is truly an inspiring talk, 14 minutes you can’t afford to miss!