TP quest

I was flush with success
as four rolls I arrest
from the squirm of humanity
in that supermarket aisle

no dunny [TP] rolls sighted for weeks
how to swipe those movements or leaks
relaxed and safe for now
I smile and wipe my brow

d’Verse, flush in 44 words, Mish

and for those who missed it, this is very Australian but really hilarious!



  1. Ha. we’ve had that problem here too. Unsure why. But then most panics have no reason. At least in the last few weeks there has been some available. 🙂

    I shared the video with hubby 😀

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  2. Thanks for the laugh! Who knew we would ever get so excited about toilet paper? Or hand sanitizer. I found a bottle of it tuck among my travel supplies and was SO excited!!
    The good thing is, the stores around here usually have it now, and sometimes even the good brands!

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  3. Lol ..i was smiling as i wathed the video.he is really good…
    And your cute little poem bout toilet paper is really adorable as well..😊😊😊


    Dunny roll is Aussie’s term for toilet paper?

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  4. I’ve got plenty for the foreseeable future. My sister in Florida is now lining in the house they bought as a rental. Because there are 4 full baths she had purchased cases of TP – like 4 years worth way back in 2018. They are still working on the stuff and has offered some to me, Fortunately I don’t need or want her cheap hotel grade TP!!


    • for sure … we wont be forgetting this one for a while!
      One joker stockpiled $10K of loo paper and is agro he can’t get a refund … maybe he should share his booty, err paper 🙂


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