defining my future

I can define my future …

by my actions of today
for all I do and say
will eventually replay

each lesson I must know
careful of the seeds I sow
for they will surely grow

it’s alright, it’s okay
life is various shades of grey
I can make it through the day

if I let fear or anxiety reign
it brings so much pain
distraction keeps me sane

no need to let things fester
as we are all in this together
so healthier to make it better

be sure I share loving kindness
not harsh angry blindness
much wiser to be selfless

to really become whole
kind patience my goal
love and hope nourish my soul


  1. Love this again. You write with every paragraph being a new thought. Every moment is a new moment.


  2. Here’s 2 of Haiku’s for you…..sharing my love and kindness
    Morning blues ebb through
    The window of this year’s stains
    Light opens the door

    Haiku: A Glow

    The sky isn’t all grey
    Behind dark clouds there’s a glow
    Where light grows brighter

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  3. Hey, Kate
    How are you going?
    Not throwing
    The baby out
    With the dishwater
    I think we oughta
    I’m still here
    Don’t you know?
    And feeling you near
    Without fear
    Of a future
    Which would always be
    When you and me
    Would hold tight
    Together in sorrow
    But together still
    For every tomorrow.

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    • hi pops, thanks for the poem!
      Of course we will survive this … we only have to stay in the comfort of our own homes … easy for me, maybe a lot tougher for you … take care xx


  4. Again you get the message across with a soft touch! We do reap the results of our actions – for good or ill. And we do have choices that inform the results… A little thought and we can and should choose kindness and love!! Hoping your day is filled with light and joy!

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  5. Your poem (and, of course, you) puts it exactly right, Kate. What we choose to do right now fills out the order form for what will be delivered tomorrow. Naturally, Fate’s randomness determines what’s in the package too, though we still have the greater influence over its contents.

    As you observe, Life unfolds largely in the varied middle channel between the shores. Still, the mindsets we avoid and the ideals toward which we strive do present in sharper tones. Their signals, either warning us from the shoals, or beaconing us forward, must be clear to carry through the daily fog.

    We are aspirational, after all, and we should seek what we might do, instead of merely settling for what we can.

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  6. We become our thoughts, our actions now determine the future that will fall upon us, indeed. Plant the seeds of happiness and see the mighty tree of joy shading us from storms. Certainly there will be weeds but even weeds can bear beautiful wildflowers. 🙂

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  7. “Will eventually replay” – yes, so much truth in your words! I especially like this line because I think people sometimes forget that “eventually” doesn’t mean “right this very minute”. Life requires patience.

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  8. I was able to ‘gift’ a little free library with some donated books.
    I try to stop by when I am on other errands just to straighten it out – not all seem to think spines out and order is justified – even for that small space.


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