Friday Fun – now

now as in the present time

 having read someones snapshot of their usual day in lockdown
I thought maybe we share our
 average day in lockdown!

use creative writing or a series of photos, get creative and
share your average day in lockdown …
if you are working, home schooling or just adjusting to less social contact

Please share what you average day looks like, your new normal?

publish on your site and then link it here and check out other ‘average day’


    • Sure.
      My day begins with my daily morning prayers after fresh bath and then I go for my daily scripture reading practices and chanting. After that, I write some blog, article or read a book. In between I focus on my studies and listen music. Sometimes few videos online. Then comes the evening when I go the terrace and look up at the sky for minutes. I watch birds, and clouds, some trees. There is agriculture farm in our backyard, so every time someone is working there, sometimes I find few kites flying above, I watch them flying until the dusk then I return back down and do my evening prayers, followed by some reading, writing and sleep.

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    • ha you are along way from the ocean … this is just where I happened to be for a couple of days when we were locked down. The people that usually live here are locked out overseas. Lucky at last 🙂


  1. Kate the picture that you have posted itself feels lovely and soothing to be sitting and being to oneself. I have become very busy doing cooking and a little time in the evening so sit and write a story or a poem and then chat with all my blogging friends. That is how the day goes.

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      • Hahaha yes dear Kate and no just our regular food but I had a lady coming for cooking but since everything is under lockdown no one is allowed to come home. I have a golden retriever so have to make her food too. Get really tired but that is how we need to look at life and enjoy what we are doing.

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  2. Many are schooling at home but not really home schooling. I’m still home schooling, tutoring, and doing karate classes at home instead of the dojo. So not a lot has changed. Still go to get groceries when needed, and son/dil still work at Wal-mart.

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  3. My routine still hasn’t changed that much…work from home, chores, walks, meditating, reading, blogging, texting and talking to friends, family, etc., occasional movie on TV, crafting, ETC. One difference is making more new recipes…found some good ones, like a kale potato, etc. soup…and a great veggie bean dish. 🙂
    PS…that photo is so beautiful and calming! 🙂

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    • and it is literally the view from my bedroom … must post my view from the lounge 🙂

      Yes even I have become more adventurous in my cooking, mainly because I have a grill and decent fridge …

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  4. Just lotsa family time. On wordpress and sf a lot more. Trying to start from couch to 5k. Truth is we haven’t been living lockdown now with pesach because it’s anyways hols and anyways family time and just being home. Now it’s just after shabbat and never go out on shabbat. But also doing more praying (wrote out the two way prayers on a site for that). Hopefully will do some studying too. Perhaps! And if more time and motivation an online MBSR course. Really just lotsa family time. And rambling 🙂
    Love, light, and glitter
    PS Awesome picture!

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