carefully filter
how much gloom and doom
you consume

sweep away
fear with a strong broom
let love bloom

life’s precious
so leave anxiety no room
it can entomb

laughter is infectious
something we should groom
let joy loom


  1. Beach!
    Read an article in my local paper few days ago that my local beach is now as clean as a crystal, much thanks to the lockdown situation.
    Too bad I can’t drive over there now because of lockdown 😦

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    • yes nature is restoring herself in our absence … many young families here have ignored our lockdown laws to still visit for their holiday … I often wonder if those breaking the rules might end up getting ill, each to our own!

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  2. Hello there kate…what a better way to wake up than a bird perching on my window, a brewing coffee and a really sweet and lovely poem from you.
    This is so true..i have been religiously following news about covid but lately i signed off and it made me less worried and anxious and i was able to focus more on the brigther side.

    And the smiles and laughters i get from WP posts are really helpful


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  3. Your poem is like a beautiful perfume! (Such good and sweet advice and encouragement!) 🙂 Thank you, SweetKate! 🙂

    I assume, we can use Zoom in our room to add some joy and hopefulness, which are better than doom and gloom! 🙂 HA! 😀
    (((HUGS))) ❤

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