“Well folks I’m dipping my toe in so to speak … most of you will know that I pretend to be a poet and try a bit of photography but story telling is definitely not my strength! So about to spin a yarn and asking for your rating out of ten in my comments section please?

10 = not bad, I’d read some more; 5 = sitting on the fence; 0 = stick with the poetry!

This tale is set in the sixteenth century. Why sixteen? Just seemed like a time so far away none of us could remember. Best lower your expectations coz I ain’t into research like the our resident historians Roberta and MB. This is more a hit and miss trail to be read in a colourful accent that appeals.”

About four hundred years ago folk did it tough … no devices, media, running water, planes train or automobiles. They had to fetch their water supply from the local well or stream hoping it was relatively clean. They shopped almost daily, cooked and scrubbed coz there were no white goods available. Yep washed everything by hand, even their sheets. BUT they didn’t whine!

Travel usually meant walking or riding a few miles to a neighbouring village. Holidays meant a day off work, and they were real rare. Fighting was unfortunately a regular pastime, whether it was fisticuffs or tenants against their landlords. BUT they didn’t whine!

Clothes had to be hand made, so it was tedious but they used strong materials to make sure they’d last the harsh hand washing treatment. Wood had to be collected and chopped to heat water for a weekly bath. The youngest bathed first and then each had their turn until the water was a thick stew-like texture. BUT nobody whined!

Imagine no cosmetics; healing herbs no pharmas; no hospitals or nurses just a few quack apotheke’s; hand made shoes and clothes; little material goods or luxury items. The only news was the usual gossip, some things never change; or the town crier walking around the castle with his bell calling out “8pm and all is well”. So only those nearby or who came to look could hear him. The tower bell clanged out warning when those pesky Vikings were invading to rape and pillage once again. … but you got it, they didn’t whine!

 It was just their way of life with no other known or dreamt about. And frankly they had no time or energy to whine as daily survival kept them fully occupied. Conditions were harsh but life was simple and folk seemed far more content. 

… further episodes might explore more detailed personal lives of this era
and are bound to include a ‘subtle’ moral …