am I making the most of my life

using the past as a crutch
hinders my growth so much

fear anxiety blame and shame
are manacles weighing me down

transforming harm into lessons
I can forgive self and others

for those harmful emotions churn
me inside out, best that I learn

kindness and love are healthier
antidotes to restore my order

for emotional balance brings
lightness to tackle disorder

as world order is skewed
time to monitor my mood

check where I wish to go
much easier if I just flow

how do I make the most
when things seem so gross

with love and right attitude
I can excel with gratitude

extract what really works
connect with my quirks

to make the utmost
of this life, learn to coast

for disarray is here today
best I be still and pray

d’Verse, order, Laura – I wrote this earlier with a few adjustments it fits – sunset