Sipping latte in my sunlit garden lightened my heart after winter. Waiting for those green shoots to emerge I drifted into reminiscing about the luscious ripe fruits I’d picked.

Leading a nomadic life I’d good fortune to feed from many a kind neighbours trees. Mulberries in my childhood where I climbed into those upper branches bouncing about as my sheet below caught the fruit. It’s dark stain evident on kid’s lucky lips.

The lychees plundered from Indian orchards; red grapefruits and mandarins in NZ; mangoes and custard apples from that orchard next door. Nothing is sweeter than fruit straight from the tree.

Travelling on a shoestring I’d met nothing but kind care from every nationality and religion as I wandered. Yet here we are all in isolation … no one left and no came on the bare platform, transport had grounded to a halt.

d’Verse, 144 words, Sarah
include “no one left and no one came on the bare platform”


  1. We all travel in our minds these days. I loved the descriptions of the fruit trees. My childhood was spent in the upper branches of an almond, carob, plum, fig, orange, grapefruit tree any time I could manage it …

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  2. I love this picture of fruits from the tree and shared! I was so poor one summer in college that I lived on mulberries in jello. I still like the flavor even if around here no one eats them …

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    • sounds delic, when I was a student our rental had a prolific artichoke plant … was great trading the fruit with neighbours for whatever they had 🙂


  3. Beautiful and makes me smile!
    We grew up with all kinds of fruit trees. That and a huge veggie garden was how my parents fed us. 🙂
    I remember my dad planted two fruitless mulberry trees (that’s what they told him they were at the tree-store 🙂 ). Well, both fruitless mulberry trees bore fruit, loads of it, every year! Ha! We enjoyed them so much! And so did the birds. Us kids had purple lips and purple feet from all those mulberries! We did the sheet on the ground, shake the tree, too. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  4. You said it, sister! An artful and creative way to build to the final, “key” phrase. I, for one, have no complaints about your rhapsodizing about fruit trees.

    My own childhood thrilled to the peach tree we had just outside the garden. Many a summer my shirt bore happy proof of the peach juice that had run down my chin.

    A previous entry inspired comments about our amazing red raspberry shrubs, too, purple-stained fingers testifying to their excellence.

    Ah, the summer vacations of days gone by! Memories that will delight forever.

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  5. My in-laws lived in Arizona and had both an orange and grapefruit tree…
    Heard much later after they moved that the new owners cut the trees down… Their loss… was all I could think.

    I had a black cherry tree in the yard of my first home. But it was so over grown that only the birds got the fruit. The new owners there too cut down that tree – for yard space. I wonder how old fruit trees can live if cared for?

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