IF we respect ourselves and others

it doesn’t mean we need to agree
we can make very different choices
we don’t even have to like them

it weakens our judgemental attitude

with respect we will take responsibility
for our own words actions and inactions
allowing blame and shame to evaporate

increasing our every comfort level

authentic respect excludes all bias
diversity is acceptable and curiosity
ensures our heart lightens as it opens

we cease projecting harmful attitudes

as we emanate genuine respect
inequality bigotry rape violence
have no breathing space to exist

safety joy and calm reign supreme

is respect so difficult to embrace
bigotry and violence have no place
why can’t we live together in grace

world peace inner peace
respect is our only choice

agreed propaganda brainwashes most
but those with a conscience should heed it! 


  1. Oh this is so relevant with how I have been feeling today! We all have the right to our opinions, to agree or to disagree with others but at the same time respecting their opinions and ours as well.

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  2. I wholeheartedly agree, in fact this is my philosophy in life…live and let others live. AS long as we don’t hurt each other, we can all get along.


  3. Boy this hits the nail on the head! I particularly liked the stanza about not needing to agree in order to respect one another – we can have differing opinions and still be respectful. And of course the moving plea of “why can’t we live together in grace.” A wonderful poem, as usual.

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  4. Right on, SweetKate!
    Every person in the world, no matter where they live, or how they live, just want to be treated with respect. Like love, attitude, kindness, happiness, giving, optimism…respect is a choice.
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  5. Agreed, Kate. Absolutely.

    Truth is, no two people agree on everything. We’re far too complex and differ too widely in our experiences for any other possibility.

    Thank goodness. A planet of clones would be pretty scary,

    Okay, a lot scary.

    I generally agree with many in my circle. I disagree with many of them too. They’ve reached the wrong conclusions, true, but their motivations are good. Besides, it’s not unheard of for them to have changed my mind, and me, theirs.

    What then? If I don’t respect “the other,” what does that say of me if I come around? And vice-versa?

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  6. People in this rush for worldly goods and getting rich by possessing things have forgotten about mutual respect, love and responsibility for other people, often weaker and vulnerable. I am glad that you remind people what is important in life.

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  7. Love this! Respect definitely isn’t agreeing. It’s accepting the others choices as theirs to make for whatever their reasons, even if their reasons aren’t valid. Respect goes for everyone from the 1 year old to the 100 year old.
    Love, light, and glitter

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  8. Respecting each and everyone for who they are is what is so required from all of us Kate. Removing selfishness that has become so rampant in our World and taking selflessness will make our World a better place to live. Lovely poem.

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