love never faileth #FClee

Lord, when our eyes are dim with unshed tears,
or rumours fill our hearts with gloomy fears,
In loneliness, need, sorrow, pain or loss,
Renew our faith and strengthen to bear the loss!

If deadly dangers threaten from on high,
to us and those we love, be ever nigh!
On fainting spirits pour refreshing balm.
That we may conquer weakness and alarm!

On thy protection, Lord, we can rely
Each need of ours Thy goodness will supply
Securely hidden ‘neath Thy wings above
Safeguard us in the shelter of Thy love!

by Florence Clee, my great aunt more than a hundred years ago …


  1. Your great-aunt’s writing has a grace and universal relevance you carry forward to our times, Kate. Naturally. Though the “rumours” and “lonlieness” of which she writes have taken on different identities nowadays, her words and sentiments are as soothing now as they were then.

    yours is a remarkable continuation of poetic talent.

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