Friday Fun – waiting

we are all waiting …
waiting for release, waiting to know who we lost, waiting for test results,
waiting for surgery and life that was suddenly hijacked

this little fellow waits patiently every day while his owners take his larger cousins
for a long beach walk while he guards their shoes

share your experience of waiting, patiently or impatiently,
for whatever you are missing! 

use photos or creative writing,
publish your post, link it here and read some others


  1. This lockdown taught me a lot of things…. I have to go for a walk with my son…. I want to do outdoor exercises…. I wanted to go for trips…. I have to explore more places…. When inside home, I understood how beautiful the nature outside was…. I am waiting to do many more outdoor activities…..

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  2. Oh that gorgeous little puppy, his eyes just make me want to grab him and cuddle him 🙂
    You are right Kate, we are all waiting for something or the other in life. Perhaps I am waiting like the John Mayer song, ‘Waiting for the world to change’

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  3. Waiting can be hard. Yesterday my Hubby and I became familiar with a little card game that comes in a tin called “iota” by Gamewright that I had picked up from the charity shop months ago. Who knows when those charity shops will open again since they are considered non-essential. Which to me is a bit like an oxymoron. Sure, lets close all the places that people who are hard up can afford to buy clothes. Or lets not run the buses on Sundays when people might need them?

    Stay safe, ((Hugs)) Jules

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      • Some charity shops though… I thought had paid staff – It is just really hard for anyone to get what they need and now have to rely on more ‘staff’ trained or otherwise to get what they need to survive. I did read though that some hotels are opening up to house homeless… but what are they going to eat? Another story was about RV merchants offering the use of their RV’s to Medical staff that need to stay away from their families, but are still allowed to work.

        There was also an article the other day recommending ways to accommodate simple hair cuts – at home for singles or families. It is hard for the gents with beards to realize that they need to shave that hair. And trim any mustache that won’t fit within the seal of a mask. As hubby says; hair only grows back if you are alive.

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        • here our govt is printing billions to pay landlords and businesses rent for six months; to pay for hotel rooms for medical staff; a few op shops here might have paid managers but that is very rare. Usually all charities are completely reliant on an army of volunteers to run op shops, feed the poor etc and all these are closed now 😦

          Hubby is wrong, our hair and nails continue to grow after death, so should be no problem to shave 🙂

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  4. What a sweetie! I’m waiting for our beloved local library to re-open, waiting to hug my neighbour Huguette and waiting for that first sip of real hot chocolate made by a friendly face in the neighbourhood.

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