learnt anything?

in every pile of dung there is a seed
that will germinate grow and breed

nurture - 1

this is how birdlife nurtures nature
please find that seed so you may heed

nurture - 2

nature’s lesson in this dung pile
nurture to make all worthwhile

this mornings sunrise, yesterdays rainbow and raven,
beauty abounds in the midst of turmoil


  1. I’m fine with bird dung so long as I’m not under the bird when he lets it go. If I wanted something germinating and breeding on my bald head, I’d buy a wig with fleas.


  2. I had to smile at this. Sometimes we are the seed and sometimes we are the bird but often we are the dung. But being the dung is important – without the fertilizer nothing grows well….

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  3. Beautiful photos! Wise words! Yes, good can come from bad. And nature is there to bring us joy, comfort us, keep us company, and so much more during these sorrowful days.
    Can’t imagine a world without birds!
    (((HUGS))) ❤ 🙂

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  4. If that is your sunrise, i would love to be there kate…i adore the sun from the time it rises to the moment it sets.

    Your words are filled with wisdom as always.

    And as i always say we should learn to find the good in even the worst situations.

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  5. As usual, wonderful, Kate.

    However, in perhaps a slightly different arrangement, while I appreciate the broader message, it’s the specifics that speak to me.

    When my family moved to the house where I spent much of my childhood, there was a spot far in the lower yard where orioles, bluejays and red-winged blackbirds would congregate to enjoy their lunches. One of these meals included wild black raspberries, because soon enough, a vibrant, luxurious shrub flowered each spring and bestowed hundreds, then thousands, of the sweetest, most incredible berries your imagination can conjure.

    Consider my disappointment, then, to learn later, when I was away at university, the township had torn out the bushes in the process of putting in new water lines. Still, I always will cherish memories of endless summers offering seemingly endless supplies of superb treats for me and my friends.

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    • ha progress ruins much Keith, thank heavens for our memories! When they take these fruitful trees and shrubs they destroy whole habitats with no regard … don’t even replant them afterwards 😦

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