to all the kind workers

fond heartfelt thanks to all those frontliners
who are tirelessly working to keep us all well
to those shops still open for take away diners
to all those cleaners and shelf stockers who sell
those vital groceries for our very survival we tell
you did your very best when we behaved badly
to you I sing praise, think of your kindness gladly

d’Verse, Chaucerian stanza, Frank


  1. A perfect message couched in 7-lined Chaucerian perfection. Love the core of it, for our first responders on 9/11 are still dying for their efforts.

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  2. I join you in this beautiful, heart-felt Thank You to everyone on the frontlines, in whatever way…they keep us all going every day!
    OH, that photo! Is perfectly conveys peace AND hope! 🙂
    Thank you, SweetKate! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) and ❤

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    • That it is, maybe we just have gone overboard with the whole “life of convinient luxury”. Forgotten that you have to put yourself out and the amount of force you put in, comes back. We westerners put nothing on, not really, not at the Core, and wonder why life is so empty.. Well, you haven’t then filled it with what you are, buy what is easy, convinient and do only things you “should” do by some bigbrothers perspective. I do what I must and live life as it unfolds, not having illusion of much controlling it.. Horrible to say, but I think corona might bring people back to the big Basic values that have been doubletalk this far, not seen in Action. Freedom, liberty and a change for all life to better itself, firstly starting from the only place one can make most difference, heart of hearts.

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  3. I was asking about if I could help the homebound elderly to shop for them or what ever they needed, but as I have regular visits to hospital where I do ‘gigs’ as a “experience tutor”, talking to medical students about addiction and I am also in a group that designs the new psychiatric hospital on the build by now. And regular contact with medical personnel adds corona risk, they, the nurses and doctor working our there are pretty calm in the knowledge that they will likely get the disease. So me + elderly, only a risk. But I am sure you can find out from local good-will organizations, the Red Cross or some such place if you can help.

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  4. A lovely acknowledgement Kate and so well deserved. Sad to watch UK news yesterday evening and hear of the abuse pharmacy staff are experiencing because of shortage of medications, no ppe and long queues. These professionals and staff are never mentioned yet with many Doctors surgeries/GP practices only working online/by phone, pharmacies are working flat out to fill the gap.

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  5. Who would have though a year ago, that it would be those making barely minimum wages in grocery stores and retail who be the becomes we’ve come to count on the most. In Ontario this weekend the Premier has order grocery stores closed today(Good Friday) and Easter Sunday to give these tired and often abused workers a break.

    Great poem Kate. Hope all is well downunder.

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  6. I have seen signs pop up on my neighbors lawns resonating similar thanks.
    I’ve also seen some who have put tables or bins in front of their homes filled with various supplies saying take as needed or restock as you can.

    We will get through this… Hugs, Jules

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  7. This is a wonderful tribute Kate! They are the ones who have risked everything so that we can be well and we must also do our bit to help them.

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    • That is plain unfortunate; hence we need to be doubly appreciative of all that they are doing, placing themselves to the line of danger, unfazed, brave, so that we can live.

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  8. Sad that in life it doesn’t show, like our values, high talk. Why are these heroes underpaid and – staffed when some useless bankers make millions just sitting and actually costing society more than they ever give. Hope every country remembers this when budgets are made.. Usually they try to cut from where there is the least amount to take, from the poor, infrastructure, everything that doesn’t bring profit/instant gratification is unimportant. We neew younger blood up there, in those governments – corporations meetings that have heart more than greed and balls to say f@#k you bankman and robber!
    Most leading positions from academia to bussines are white, babyboomer Men, with outdated mindscape. Who believe not changing, even though the world is, but it works for them in the short term we all are now forced into. A small timetable to turn this ship down, icebergs a plenty and massive one straight ahead, so full speed ahead!! We will grow forever in imaginary tokens while the world is cannibalized.


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