peace or panic

a pandemic is just a current germ
we’ve seen many across the ages
eventually we will have a vaccine
and affordable viable treatment

but the real plague here is the fear
propagated upon the masses by
politicians and media outlets alike
for fear reduces our immunity

and opens us to sinister manipulation
so how we can reverse this situation
time to have that honest conversation
hit pause, reflect, reel in expectation

as we are forced to isolate and space
just let go, ease off, change your pace
get creative in this pause from the rat race
clean decorate and nest in your home base

whining and blaming wont help this case
adapt, find your passion, leave your trace
for if this is the worst you have to face
use it wisely, transform it into an ace

this too is temporary so there is no haste
learn to mellow, reflect, enjoy the taste
of life in the slow lane, let go of any pain
don’t let fear or anxiety strain

just do whatever keeps you sane
for we will venture out once again
give love creativity and joy full reign
so you will emerge with priceless gain

d’Verse, plague, Bjorn – the neighbours front yard


  1. Now you put into words what i have been contemplating for a while.. the outbreak of the pandemic made me subscribe to different media outlets for updates but i realized, its not actually helping.
    They fees us with so much fear and anxiety and worry…that at the end of the day, you will not die of the virua

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  2. Continuatio ..

    I click the post so fast lol.

    What i was saying was…you will not get sick nor die of the virus but of probably heart attack for worrying too i begun to unsubscribe them and i am feeling better.

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  3. I agree totally Kate
    “but the real plague here is the fear
    propagated upon the masses by
    politicians and media outlets alike
    for fear reduces our immunity”

    Yes it’s time less haste, and let us be “Mellow Yellow”

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  4. That last stanza is the Winner! One’s intention during this time is so important! And setting intention is something that can be done whether we are sheltering in place or risking our lives due to work requirements. I say it but the day to day reality can be harder to do – still a worthy effort. Thank you for voicing this!

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  5. I love your rhyme.
    You’d appreciate this story. Okay I googled it to make sure I got the name right. You can find it here. Thing is I was told it was recorded as happening to the rabbi. But it’s not the point. The point is that fewer kills us. And that doesn’t mean we don’t need to mourn the losses (way way way too many).
    Love, light, and glitter

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  6. I agree totally with your profound poem, Kate and they are instilling the word FEAR in all of us by everyday giving news of these many died all around the world and people are more going to be worried because of that. We all need to listen and not take any cognizance at all and do what we like or take up a hobby too in our houses.

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  7. It is difficult for many to find clarity with all the political smoke… Your advice is sound and we all need to step back and do some fact checking on our own to determine the truth, half-truth, smoke screens and the complete fabrications. It isn’t easy but with all this time on our hands it does afford the opportunity.

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    • Absolutely. I have acquaintances who berate me for not freaking out or worrying! I have stopped debating and find it rather absurd to confront and even when I try to induce some optimism they laugh at me and call me a fool. Certainly it is not easy for each one of us but difficult times need strength of heart and mind. And I hope and pray good sense and strength prevails.

      This is a beautiful verse Kate 🙂

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  8. I like the positive closing in this poem…….hopefully we will emerge much wiser. Leadership does set the tone. Here in B.C. Dr Bonnie has emerged as a folk hero for her calm, clean reassuring daily briefings. She is guiding us well and we have flattened the curve………….I worry about those places that are completely overwhelmed. I cant imagine the stress on the front line workers.

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  9. Thank you for this, Kate! You’re right, the response to the virus is almost more scary than the virus. It’s a new virus, and we will figure out a vaccine and treatment, just as we have done for all the other diseases that have come before. Even the diseases we haven’t cured, we’ve come a long way in our treatment. (Remember when cancer was a death sentence, period? Sometimes it still is, but we all know tons of people who have had it, been treated, and survived.)

    I refuse to live in fear…I will be smart and obey the recommendations for social distancing, etc., but I’m not participating in the panic-buying, the fear-mongering and the “this is the end of the world” predictions. Poems like yours help!!!

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  10. A very lovely piece of poetic wisdom – I especially loved this stanza:

    “…as we are forced to isolate and space
    just let go, ease off, change your pace
    get creative in this pause from the rat race
    clean decorate and nest in your home base”

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  11. Oh, spot-on, Kate! As though I had written it myself, except, you know, yours with its customary style and grace. Still, your sentiments match mine.

    This thing is all-too-real, and it requires an extraordinary response. It has it. Aside from the lockdown measures we all know, scientists and and biologists scour their ingenuity 24/7 to develop a vaccine. Sooner or later, “Eureka!” will come.

    Certain people, whose identities I reserve but which you may guess, fear-monger for their own ends. This isn’t what we need right now.

    What we do need is happiness. Be cautious, yet stay engaged. Keep your distance, sure, and remember to smile too. Enjoy the show Nature’s running right now. Eat those fresh fruits and vegetables, and encourage the occasional grin to brighten your face. The scientists are doing their part to bring this to an end, and so too can we.

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