a pandemic is just a current germ
we’ve seen many across the ages
eventually we will have a vaccine
and affordable viable treatment

but the real plague here is the fear
propagated upon the masses by
politicians and media outlets alike
for fear reduces our immunity

and opens us to sinister manipulation
so how we can reverse this situation
time to have that honest conversation
hit pause, reflect, reel in expectation

as we are forced to isolate and space
just let go, ease off, change your pace
get creative in this pause from the rat race
clean decorate and nest in your home base

whining and blaming wont help this case
adapt, find your passion, leave your trace
for if this is the worst you have to face
use it wisely, transform it into an ace

this too is temporary so there is no haste
learn to mellow, reflect, enjoy the taste
of life in the slow lane, let go of any pain
don’t let fear or anxiety strain

just do whatever keeps you sane
for we will venture out once again
give love creativity and joy full reign
so you will emerge with priceless gain

d’Verse, plague, Bjorn – the neighbours front yard